"Gylt" Launch Trailer Readies Stadia Players For A Surreal, Eerie World

"Gylt" Launch Trailer Readies Stadia Players For A Surreal, Eerie World
Credit: Tequila Works

Google Stadia's only launch exclusive, Gylt, just got a spooky new launch trailer, and it looks pretty captivating. From its gloomy aesthetic to its overall art style, it might be one to watch if you're getting one of the units.

Tequila Works' surreal adventure follows a young girl named Sally as she "faces her worst fears" and and is "confronted by the emotional impact of her actions." The single-player puzzler has players helping Sally look for her lost cousin in a town absolutely riddled with monsters. That's about all we know about the game so far, but given Tequila Works' pedigree, it's definitely one to watch.

Gylt joins the admittedly short list of Stadia launch titles, which will include games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat 11, and Destiny. Most of the games that you can play on day 1 are already available on other platforms, but Gylt won't be.  That immediately sets it aside from the rest of the pack.

Have you made up your mind whether or not you're going to pick up a Stadia or not? It looks like a very formidable foray into the game streaming gig, so it could be worth checking out. Let us know in the comments below, and which games you're looking forward to if so.

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