RiME's Latest Dev Diary Is Here!


The third dev diary from Grey Box Games and Tequila Works about their upcoming title RiME is here. In this latest video, the development team discusses how level designers and animators take the ideas and concept art, and build them into a living, puzzling world like we see in RiME. It's a pretty fascinating work into the behind-the-scenes process of building a game, but it does seem to be a bit particular

The team members included in the interview are Creative Director Raúl Rubio, Level Designer Manuel Mendiluce, Lead Programmer Carlos M. Vazquez, Game Designer David Canela, and Lead Designer Kevin Cerda.

You can check out the first two dev diaries here.

RiME is set to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 26, and later this summer for the Nintendo Switch. The third dev diary is below.



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