The Blacklist

NBC Gives Early Renewals For Grimm, The Blacklist And Others

NBC has announced early renewals for the following five dramas: The Blacklist, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Law & Order: SVU and Grimm.Law & Order: SVU is the sole surviving series of Dick Wolf's Law & Order franchise and will be going into its 17th season next year Grimm, a rare Friday night success story continues to[...]

"Imagine Your Future, Raining Fire From Above" – The Blacklist Returns

NBC's hit series The Blacklist returns this Sunday with an episode airing just after the Super Bowl before slipping into its new time slot on Thursdays at 9 PM The show kicks off its return with a two-parter where the Blacklister is being played by Ron Perlman.Here are two clips NBC has released for the[...]

Ron Perlman To Appear On The Blacklist

but Ron Perlman has signed on to play the next major criminal on NBC's The Blacklist when it returns on February 1st following the Super Bowl.The veteran actor will play Luther Braxton, a meticulous and calculating thief whose heists are planned out over months and years He uses chaos and diversions to get what he[...]

Erik's Weekly Watch – That Was Fun, Let's Do It Again: The Blacklist Fall Finale

This plague, a formidable adversary I have named Andre, has been vanquished though and my sights this week are firmly set on the fall finale of NBC’s the Blacklist.If you like overplayed reality television, terrible sitcoms and franchise procedurals NBC is the network for you The once-great network that made Jerry Seinfeld and George Clooney[...]

The Cancellation Axe Falls At NBC Taking Out Two

The news came after the overnight ratings came in and Bad Judge pulled an 0.9 while A to Z hit the dreaded 0.7 level of no return.NBC already has a replacement lined up when their hit series The Blacklist will move to the 9 pm Thursday slot after the Super Bowl, but that means the[...]

Red's Back In Black – First Clip For The New Season Of The Black List

The show's brutal twists and turns made The Blacklist the highest rated new series of last year and NBC has put up a trailer for the series premier that puts Red and Agent Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) up against a blacklister named Lord Baltimore whose next target is Red himself.The Blacklist returns September 22nd.[youtube][/youtube][...]

Pee-Wee Herman Made The Blacklist

NBC's sophomore drama The Blacklist will be coming back with a few guest stars already lined up for the new season that include Mary-Louise Parker, Lee Tergesen, Krysten Ritter and Peter Stormare (Berlin) Now we can add one more name to that list.. Paul Rubens.According to EW: the actor best known for his persona as[...]

Peter Stormare To Take A Spin On Arrow As Vertigo

He will be the first villain of the new season and will go by the name Vertigo.This is an interesting announcement in that Stormare was introduced as Berlin, the man going after Red Reddington on The Blacklist at the end of last season So it looks like the actor is going to be doing double[...]