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Writer's Commentary – Troy Brownfield On The Blood Queen #5
The Blood Queen #5: Writer's Commentary by Troy Brownfield Greetings, Bleeders! Thanks for taking the time to check out the piece As usual, I want to point out the other creators on this book: artist Fritz Casas, colorist Kirsty Swan, letterer Marshall Dillon, editor Molly Mahan, cover artists Jay Anacleto and Yonami, and the Lords of the[...]
How Elizabeth Bathory Became The Blood Queen – The Troy Brownfield Interview
Dynamite Entertainment has a new original series launching this July focusing on a real life historical figure with a very dark past, The Blood Queen I was curious how they were going to handle a female lead with 600 murders to her name… so I hit up Troy Brownfield for some answers. Bleeding Cool: The Blood[...]