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The Green Knight: A New Poster Ahead of a New Trailer Tomorrow
The Green Knight finally lets Arthurian legend get weird, and with it comes a masterfully atmospheric journey that won't be for everyone But for those that can get on its level, it'll become a new favorite. The Green Knight Poster Credit: A24 Director: David Lowery Summary: An epic fantasy adventure based on the timeless Arthurian legend, The Green[...]
The Green Knight Has Been Pulled From Its United Kingdom Release
According to The Hollywood Reporter, A24's dark Arthurian legend The Green Knight has been pulled from theaters two weeks before its debut due to spiking COVID-19 numbers. Dev Patel in The Green Knight Credit: A24 This pandemic is still killing people every single day, and the hospitals are starting to fill up again There is a good[...]
The Green Knight: A New Poster Ahead of a New Trailer Tomorrow
A24 is one of those studios that a certain segment of the internet was begging to release The Green Knight mostly because we really wanted to see it A24 stuck to their guns, and the movie now has a late July release date Yesterday, they released a new poster, and now we have a new[...]
The Green Knight: A New Poster Ahead of a New Trailer Tomorrow
A movie like Promising Young Woman was able to keep up the hype after its delay from April to December 2020, long after the initial Sundance buzz died off. The Green Knight is another one of those movies that had a ton of hype behind it going into 2020, and then it got delayed and sort[...]
The Green Knight Gets Five New Character Posters Ahead Of Release
The Green Knight is one of the more anticipated films releasing this year, after being delayed by A24 from its original release date in 2020 for obvious reasons A24 believes in this film, written and directed by David Lowery (Pete's Dragon, A Ghost Story), about King Arthur's nephew Sir Gawain (Dev Patel) who is on a quest[...]
Sword Of The Valiant – How Gilad Anni-Padda Fills The Role Of Sir Gawain
So, it should be too surprising to see that Valiant is bringing one of the classic stories, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, into their universe… but as told using the Immoral Brothers – Armstrong, Eternal Warrior and Ivar the Timewalker – in a one-shot special by Fred Van Lente and Cary Nord. It's winter at[...]