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Looking To Spoil Yourself For Star Wars Day? Go The Ultrasabers Route

After hearing their name spoken by friends and cosplayers alike at cons, I decided to take the plunge and get one of my own.I chose The Guardian for my design, as it appeals to the Obi-Wan inside of me, and then the plethora of options they offer to actually build the saber was staggering and[...]

Why Does Next Week's Supergirl Look Like A Remake Of John Carpenter's The Thing?

like putting James Olsen in the Guardian armor, introducing Parasite to the series, or some personal changes for Mon-el and Alex Danvers.. but if you take a look at the trailer below, it sure seems like they're doing a remake of John Carpenter's The Thing I mean, come on, they even busted out parkas.Supergirl airs[...]