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True Detective Review: The Hour and The Day Refuses to Show its Cards [SPOILERS]

'True Detective' Review: "The Hour and The Day" Refuses to Show its Cards [SPOILERS]

With that said, this week's episode "The Hour and the Day" slows things down a bit--but there are some excellent high points to this potential low point for the season.[caption id="attachment_978789" align="aligncenter" width="779"] HBO[/caption]Here's the hardest part about discussing this episode: we have a strong, lingering suspicion that the events of "The Hour and the[...]

True Detective Sparks a Slow Noir Burn with The Big Never (SPOILER REVIEW)

True Detective Sparks a Slow Noir Burn with 'The Big Never' (SPOILER REVIEW)

For a series that has so much going on over the course of three different time periods, that's a very good thing.[caption id="attachment_974944" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] HBO[/caption]The mystery continues to unfold next week with "The Hour and the Day" and here's a look ahead at what's still to come this season: Detective s03e05 'The Hour and[...]