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The Essex Serpent
This will be Hiddleston's third television series following The Night Manager, which was rumored to be his audition for James Bond, and the Loki series for Marvel Studios and Disney+. Tom Hiddleston has been cast as the male lead opposite Claire Danes in the Apple TV+ drama series The Essex Serpent, an adaptation of Sarah Perry's bestselling romantic novel[...]
A scene from the 1960s Village of the Damned (Image: MGM).
The Night Manager and Hanna writer David Farr is teaming up with Comcast-owned European broadcaster Sky for an eight-part series adaptation of John Wyndham's (The Day Of The Triffids) sci-fi novel The Midwich Cuckoos For those not familiar with the title, you might remember it better from the two movies it inspired (and the creepy[...]
Little Drummer Girl
Credit: Krimidoedel via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 3.0) Florence Pugh (Marcella, Lady MacBeth) has been cast in the role of Charlie, with Skarsgård (True Blood, The Legend of Tarzan) assuming the role of Israeli intelligence officer Becker. Skarsgård can next be seen in Duncan Jones's Mute, as well as The Aftermath, opposite Keira Knightley. Laura Hastings-Smith will serve as producer for The[...]
La La Land, Hidden Figures And The Night Manager Lead The Location Manager Awards
Stuart Raven Barter (Thelma & Louise) got the Lifetime Achievement Award and director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting) got the Eva Monley Award.   The rest of the winnders are as follows: OUTSTANDING LOCATIONS IN A PERIOD TELEVISION SERIES ***TIE*** • The Crown – Pat Karam, Robert Bentley/LMGI • Westworld – Mandi Dillin/LMGI OUTSTANDING LOCATIONS IN A CONTEMPORARY TELEVISION SERIES • The Night[...]
The Night Manager Producers Announce That They Have Nothing To Announce
The Night Manager was a big success for BBC / AMC and there are talks about a second season And that's all there is… talks A misleading report in the British trades this week put the project into questions, but the Ink Factory, who produces the series with BBC / AMC, had to come out[...]
Superheros, Sci-Fi Snubbed At Golden Globes Last Night
La La Land was the big winner with seven awards, while The Night Manager, The People v O.J Simpson, Elle, and Atlanta had multiple wins as well Suicide Squad's Viola Davis did score a win, but for her performance in Fences, not the Squad, as did former Amazing Spider-Man actress Emma Stone, who took home one[...]
Olivia Colman Addresses Night Manger Spinoff And Bond Speculation
After her role in the recent series The Night Manager with Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie, actress Olivia Colman has gotten more popular outside of the U.K The three-time BAFTA award winner (Accused, Twenty Twelve, Broadchurch) has been talked about for both a spin-off of her character Angela Burr and as a possible Bond candidate[...]
Tom Hiddleston Is Happy To Be Back In Black Hair And Leather talked to the actor shortly after learning of his nomination for The Night Manager to find out if he was going to celebrate or spend the rest of the day being beaten up by Chris Hemsworth. I'm going to sleep for a bit, and then yes, I'm going to go onto set It is actually[...]
John Le Carre Discusses The Fall Of Richard Roper
As The Night Manager has wrapped up on AMC, author John Le Carre sat down for the final two segments of Author's Notes Not surprising they focus on Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie) as he finally reveals what he really does to Jonathan Pine (Tom HIddleston) Le Carre uses Roper to illustrated the direct connections between[...]
The Sense Of Loss A Writer Feels When Their Character Comes To Life
Author John Le Carre has done another Author's Notes segment to go along with the fourth episode of AMC's The Night Manager Here he talks about how as long as the character is on the page, the writer has his version of the character and the reader's have their version they create when reading That[...]
John Le Carre Talks About The Gender Swap In The Night Manager
In the latest set of Author Notes for AMC's The Night Manager, author John Le Carre talks about the changes that were made to his investigator Burr Originally a male character in the novel, the producer changed it to Angela Burr and cast Olivia Coleman (Broadchurch) in the role Le Carre says he finds the[...]
John Le Carre Talks About The Villain Of The Night Manager
John Le Carre, one of the best spy novelist in the world, spends some more time talking about the new AMC series The Night Manager based on his novel This time the focus turns to his villain, Richard Roper played by the amazingly talent Hugh Laurie The author explains that Roper puts up a facade[...]
John Le Carre Talks About The Night Manager
AMC's miniseries The Night Manager is based on the work of John Le Carre' and features Tom Hiddleston (Thor) as the night manager of an Egyptian hotel recruited by intelligence agents to infiltrate the inner circle of an international arms dealer played by Hugh Laurie (House) The recently released featurettes below take a look at[...]
Hiddleston And Laurie In The Night Manager Trailer From AMC
AMC has release the first trailer for their new six-part miniseries event, The Night Manager The adaptation of the John Le Carré novel stars Tom Hiddleston (Thor) and Hugh Laurie (House) It's the story of a former British soldier (Hiddleston) who is recruited as an intelligence officer and tasked with infiltrating the inner circle of an[...]
Tom Hiddleston And Hugh Laurie To Make Spy Series
Gregory House having a discussion about the virtues of humanity with Loki of Asgard. Okay, we're not going to get that… but THR is reporting that Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston have signed on to make a TV series/miniseries based on John Le Carre's novel The Night Manager No US network has been set but WME[...]