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The Prisoner Kickstarter launched last week, and we were happy to tell you all about it, as the first officially licensed figure line for the classic TV show Since then it has found success: over $100,000 has been raised of the $20,000 goal, and the stretch goals revealed so far also reached It just goes[...]
The Prisoner Is Finally Getting A Toy Line, Kickstarter Launching Soon
The Prisoner is a classic television show from the 1960s that is criminally underrated these days One thing we have never gotten before now, however, is an officially licensed toy line That is all about to change We are thrilled to help reveal The Prisoner Retro figure line Kickstarter from Wandering Planet Toys This is[...]
Prisoner #3 cover by Colin Lorimer and Joana LaFuente
Before long, Breen's mind is shattered. Prisoner #3 cover by Colin Lorimer and Joana LaFuente The Prisoner continues to play with the reality of the story, leaving you to question how much of Breen's experience is real and what is fabricated. It's mostly telegraphed, but I'll admit that this issue had me questioning which parts were real[...]
Prisoner #2 cover by Colin Lorimer
Worse yet, he sees some familiar faces in the Village's compound, and they aren't saying the things that the MI-5 agent wants to here right now. The Prisoner #2 cover by Colin Lorimer While the Prisoner #2 scores some points for its continued mixture of spy tropes with a narrative that plays on the reader's perception of[...]
The Prisoner #1 cover by Mike and Laura Allred
Breen goes to ground, but it may not be enough. The Prisoner #1 cover by Mike and Laura Allred The Prisoner was well before my time, and it's never entered my realm of older television series which I enjoy watching like Kolchak the Nightstalker or Tom Baker episodes of Doctor Who This comic does a solid job[...]
Watch a Trailer for Peter Milligan and Colin Lorimer's 'The Prisoner' Comic
Titan Comics has released a trailer for their upcoming comic book series The Prisoner, based on the 1960s television show of the same name that was written by, directed by, and starred Patrick McGoohan as the titular prisoner, a former British agent held captive in a mysterious village as agents attempt to extract information from him[...]
New Skottie Young Variant Cover For The Dark Tower
Marvel's The Dark Tower: The Drawing Of The Three – The Prisoners #1 may have the longest title in comics… it also has a new variant cover by Skottie Young This shows the Gunslinger Roland Deschain in Young's unique and fun style The new series is being written by Peter David and Robin Furth with[...]