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The Prisoner #3 Review: Don't Trust Your Senses

Breen awakens in a massive interrogation chamber inside the Village. Number Two wants to know about Pandora, but Breen refuses to give in. The Village sends Breen back into the virtual world. He keeps breaking through the illusion, so Number Two increases the intensity. Before long, Breen's mind is shattered.

Prisoner #3 cover by Colin Lorimer and Joana LaFuente
Prisoner #3 cover by Colin Lorimer and Joana LaFuente

The Prisoner continues to play with the reality of the story, leaving you to question how much of Breen's experience is real and what is fabricated.

It's mostly telegraphed, but I'll admit that this issue had me questioning which parts were real. There are clues, and I think I know the answer myself. However, I won't spoil those details here.

Breen himself is growing on me as a character. At first, he seemed like a generic secret agent boy. However, as the story progresses, you realize how unhinged he must be to cope with the insanity that the Village is putting him through. He's not a brilliantly deep character, but he's a decently engaging character.

I'm still left wishing we could see more of the Village proper, though I'm left wondering how much of a "Village" there really is after this issue. Again, this book is successful in leaving you questioning its reality.

The Prisoner #3 art by Colin Lorimer and Joana LaFuente
The Prisoner #3 art by Colin Lorimer and Joana LaFuente

Colin Lorimer has another good turn this issue, layering on the heavier line work and shading to give that gritty feeling that has defined the visuals of this series. It makes many scenes downright unnerving as wrinkles and craters in character's faces seem to overtake their visage. The book also makes use of some decent psychedelic imagery for a nice change of pace. Joana LaFuente continues to provide a dimmer and washed-out color palette to enhance the foreboding visuals.

The Prisoner #3 is a solidly good read. The subversion of reality is interesting, Breen comes to life a bit more in this issue, and you're left wondering what is truly at the heart of the Village. Mix that with some good art, and you have a recommended book. Check it out.

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