'Doctor Who': River Song Joins Big Finish Audio Drama 'UNIT: Incursions', Will Eventually Meet Everyone in Known Universe

Big Finish has just released UNIT: Incursions, a new four-episode Doctor Who spinoff boxset audio drama where fan favourite character and The Doctor's Wife River Song meets up with UNIT.

Alex Kingston returns to play River Song again, with Gemma Redgrave on board as head of the British division of UNIT, Kate Lethbridge-Stewart; and Ingrid Oliver as UNIT scientist Petronella Osgood. Together, they go up against an alien archeologist and other menaces – with River Song sassing her way through it all as River Song always does.

Look, that's what we all expect River Song to do – and do it she does.

She's already met the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Doctors in their Big Finish series. She's even met Susan, the First Doctor's granddaughter – and technically her step-granddaughter.

To show you that I'm not making this up, here is some proof – all from the boxset series The Diary of River Song.



River Song has even had run-ins with all the different Masters in another series of The Diary of River Song.

Let these teasers penetrate your earholes. I know what you're thinking. You wish there were actual visuals to these scenes. Well, there are! They are in your brain when you listen to them. That's the beauty of audio dramas – they are movies without pictures. Actors love doing them – they don't need to spend time in make-up, they don't need to be in costume, they can show up at the studio in their pajamas and slippers and it wouldn't matter, and there's no need to worry about waiting for the camera to be ready, lens changes or running out of film or memory at this point.

Has River Song met Captain Jack and Torchwood? If not, I'm sure it's a matter of "when", not "if". Imagine if someone convinces Big Finish to have her meet Bernice Summerfield, Paul Cornell's wisecracking, time-traveling archeologist who inspired Steven Moffat to create River Song in the first place.

Big Finish Productions has become the central hub for authorized fan fiction productions with professional writers, producers, directors and the original actors reprising their roles rather than drama students working for credit. They're as good as any audio drama produced by the BBC, with many of the people who make Big Finish dramas having worked for the BBC and the BBC entrusting the company with the official license for the Doctor Who franchise.

'Doctor Who': River Song Joins Big Finish Audio Drama 'UNIT: Incursions', Will Eventually Meet Everyone in Known Universe

At this rate, River Song is probably going to meet everyone that has a Big Finish audio series. The possibilities are limitless for as long as the surviving actors are available to do it. Imagine River Song showing up in Big Finish's version of the cult US vampire soap opera Dark Shadows – or guest-starring in Big Finish's Star Trek spinoff series. Yes, Big Finish even managed to get their hands on a license to make a Star Trek spinoff audio series. Then there's Sapphire and Steel… and The Prisoner. Imagine River Song showing up in any of those…

Who says we can't have nice things sometimes? You can find Big Finish's production on CD and digital download at their website.

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