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The Answer is simple, The Question Now I would go with the original Steve Ditko version of Vic Sage with touches of Denny O'Neill's work Renee Montoya is a good character, but I think Sage was a little closer to crazy and would make an interesting mirror for Oliver Queen to look at and see[...]
Who Will Oliver Meet In Hub City, That Is The Question
The most famous resident of Hub City would be The Question, a character that seems just perfect for the Arrow series There has been no other leaks about the character appearing so it's possible the reference in the video is a red herring and we'll meet a different DC Universe character, but it would be[...]
From Strip To Script – The Question
The first one that came to my mind, for whatever reason, was the short-lived city-shaman version of The Question, by Tommy Lee Edwards (art), Rick Veitch (writing) and John Workman (lettering) The Question was originally created by Steve Ditko for Charlton Comics, but is probably best remembered in one of three ways: as the inspiration for[...]
Things To Do In Sherman Oaks If You Like Comics And Music
He even did up this crazy piece featuring the Merc with the Mouth and the vigilante with no face, The Question. Besides being an artist, Scott is also a musician and he will be a featured act this weekend at the Cork Lounge in Sherman Oaks, CA For more information, keep an eye here[...]
A New Series For The Question? – Coverage Of The New 52 NYCC Panel
Nicola Scott also very much likes Wonder Woman's iconic original costume. Q: After seeing The Question in The Trinity War, will we finally see The Question in his own comic? A: Cunningham STRONGLY hints The Question will see his own book in 2014! And that's all she wrote! Romeo Gebuza and Jackie Sunderland write for Bleeding Cool: Today's panel[...]