A New Series For The Question? – Coverage Of The New 52 NYCC Panel

Romeo Gebuza and Jackie Sunderland write for Bleeding Cool:

Phantom-Stranger-7-WTF-with-The-QuestionToday's panel featured, Brian BuccellatoJames TynionPaul LevitzNicola ScottCliff Chang and Charles Soule. The moderator is DC's John Cunningham.

First up: A preview of The Flash #24 from Brian Buccellato, who along with Francis Manapul, is wrapping up his run before moving on to Detective Comics.

Then, a look at World's Finest #16 from Paul Levitz, featuring The Huntress and a de-powered Power Girl fighting their way through New York City. He also teased the first World's Finest Annual, which flashes back to Karen and Helena as Supergirl and Robin on Earth #2.

Third, a few pages from Earth 2 #16. Nicola Scott is one of my favorite artists, and the artwork she showcases here is typically amazing. She hints that the next arc will bridge the gap from where James Robinson (who has left the book) is ending his story and where Tom Taylor picks it up.

Then we see Wonder Woman #24. Cliff Chiang presents, though he didn't actually illustrate Issue #24 (he drew the cover). Looks like the next few issues feature Wonder Woman vs. Strife and Wonder Woman vs. The First Born. Chiang mentions that, 'a little bit of kink' is always good with a Wonder Woman cover. I'm sure a lot of Wonder Woman fans will chafe at that comment.

Charles Soule previews Swamp Thing. I saw Soule's band perform on Thursday night in the East Village. Soule is a full-time lawyer, writes 6 comic books a month, and I'm here to tell you he's also a damned talented musician. The art on Swamp Thing #24 and the upcoming annual look great, especially a new character called, 'Lady Weeds,' who wears literal and figurative widow's weeds.

Soule was also asked about Superman/Wonder Woman. In the next issue, Superman is taken to, 'meet the family.' I liked the first issue of Soule's 'Superman/Wonder Woman' run and I look forward to what's to come. Those who assumed Wonder Woman would get the shrift in that book will be pleasantly surprised.

Lastly, former Scott Snyder student James Tynion previews Red Hood and the Outlaws. We heard a bit about Issue #24, and also the Zero Year issue, which features a young Jason Todd dealing with the fallout of a Gotham City blackout. And then we saw a few pages from Talon.

Questions coming next. Check this post for breaking news!

Here are the Q&As (as best as I could record them… beware of typos):

Q: With the super powered Daniel West intro'd in the New52, will we be seeing Wally West soon?

A: Bucceleto says, "Everything in its due time." When the time is right, Wally will appear. (Bummer, I was hoping for Stephanie Brown-level scoop!)

Q: The next question is about diversity. DC keeps discussing diversity, but the person asking accuses DC of, 'tokenism.'

A: Nicola Scott says, "Keep your eyes for Earth 2. There's a lot of diversity coming up."

Q: Will Tom Taylor be picking up any of James Robinson's Earth 2 thread? Or will it be a new thread?

A: Nicola Scott says that the way the story is told is absolutely Tom's, but it's inevitable that some of the threads from Robinson's run will continue.

Q: The 'asker' is a big Batwoman fan, and wants to know whether DC will do right by the character now that the previous team has left the book.

A: Mark Andreyko is passionate about the character and the story and hopes to do the book justice!

Q: How will the art style of Francis Manapul translate to Detective Comics?

A: It's going to be darker, and different than the Flash comics. But it will look good!

Q: (I love this one): The 'asker' is a big fan of the TV show Young Justice and wants to know whether DC is investing in their younger heroes.

A: All: Um, yes. (C'mon! I wanted a bigger answer than this!)

Q: DC Comics has killed-off Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman in Earth 2. Is there a plan to bring them back?

A: Nicole Scott: Have you read issue #16?

Q: A Stephanie Brown fan! Having done a lot of analysis of a lot of DC's numbers, there are very few female DC pencilers and inkers working at DC for The New 52. Is DC doing analysis of their hiring practices, and what are they doing to change them?

A: From Cunningham: The editorial group works very hard to do talent searches and it's a topic of conversation that comes up a lot at DC. We'll just have to watch the pages to see the results.

Nicole Scott also mentions that as a female in the comic book industry she has never felt discriminated against.

Q: Will Red Robin ever see the Batman universe?

A: Tim Drake will be a key figure in the Batman: Eternal weekly series.

Q: It seems like Cyborg is an after thought in the Justice League. What's going to happen with him in the future?

A: Geoff Johns is a huge Cyborg fan, and Cyborg is a huge part of Forever Evil and Johns' plans for the DCU. Cyborg will be a key player in the DCU going forward.

Q: What's the next New 52 event to be seen in an animated feature?

A: The first (as previously announced) New 52 animated feature will be Justice League: War. Beyond that, we'll have to wait and see!

Q: A few years ago, Wonder Woman was given a more, 'covered-up' costume, but as of The New 52 she's gone back to her more traditional costume. What happened to Wonder Woman's clothes?

A: Chiang says that a few of the initial New 52 designs featured Wonder Woman in black pants and black boots, which was very heavy on the bottom and difficult to draw. He didn't make the decision to switch back to her iconic outfit, but he was glad it was changed back. Nicola Scott also very much likes Wonder Woman's iconic original costume.

Q: After seeing The Question in The Trinity War, will we finally see The Question in his own comic?

A: Cunningham STRONGLY hints The Question will see his own book in 2014!

And that's all she wrote!

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