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The Ray
Part of the excitement for the Crisis on Earth-X crossover event that kicks off tonight is the introduction of the DC comic character The Ray The light powered hero was created by Jack C Harris and Joe Quesada in 1992 and was the son of the Golden Age Ray He was raised in a windowless[...]
The Ray
The Ray, who will be getting his own animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray on the CW Seed, will be making his debute The Ray, real name Raymond Terrill, and played by Doctor Who and Quantico alum Russell Tovey And it's likely that Joe Quesada will be watching the show. Arrow — "Crisis on Earth-X, Part[...]
Justice League Of America #18 Review: Stealing Fire From The Gods
He pushes on the soft spots of each member, ending with the Ray leaving Happy Harbor in a rage. There is something else going on with this director, and things start going wrong about the Sanctuary — with a number of civilians still inside. Justice League of America #18 cover by Carlos D'Anda The promise of Prometheus is[...]
Freedom Fighters: The Ray
The CW has released a new piece of promo art for their upcoming animated CW Seed series Freedom Fighters: The Ray This is the second animated series to be done on the CW's on-line presence The first being two season of Vixen which later lead to a live action appearance for star Megalyn Echikunwoke on[...]
Russell Tovey
I just said in my last article posted 5 minutes ago that we can expect to hear of the live-action casting of The Ray soon The animated series, Freedom Fighters: The Ray will be debuting on CW Seed soon and we knew they'd be giving us both an Earth-X and Earth-1 version… but the art[...]
Josh's Throwback Corner: Uncle Sam And The Freedom Fighters (2006)
The rest of the team were the Human Bomb (an actual walking bomb), Doll Man and Doll Lady (think of Ant-Man and the Wasp), Phantom Lady (intangible and opens portal), Black Condor (think the Falcon), the Ray (living light being), Miss America (star-spangled Supergirl), Red Bee (kind of like Iron Man), and Firebrand (Human Torch[...]
freedom fighters
Move over, white supremacist march-alonging Supergirl cosplayer! The upcoming CW Seed animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray will feature Supergirl star Melissa Benoist voicing a Nazi Supergirl from Earth X! Freedom Fighters: The Ray takes place in an alternate Earth — Earth X — where the Nazis won World War 2 The show will also feature[...]
He has located the signal of mentor and previous Atom, Ray Palmer, in the Microverse — the subatomic universe that exists within ours. Not wanting to devote the entire team to this, Batman has dedicated only Ryan, Lobo, Frost, and himself to the job, leaving Black Canary, Vixen, and the Ray in the regular universe. Ray warned[...]
Freedom Fighters: The Ray
With Vixen's animated run all wrapped up and now available on Blu-ray, the CW Seed has turned their attention to the long awaited Freedom Fighters: The Ray series Based on Earth X where the Nazi's won World War II, the Freedom Fighters are The Ray, Black Condor, Phantom Lady, Red Tornado and one member I[...]
Justice League of America
JLA is fun, enjoyable superhero comics fare, it just happens to have a message of hope, connectedness and power for the people — not over the people — that is deeply relevant right now. Justice League of America #10 cover by Ivan Reis and Marcelo Maiolo It's a consistent theme throughout the series so far: the super-team[...]
A Ray of Light – Justice League of America Rebirth: The Ray Review
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] [Spoiler Warning – There will be some mild spoilers in this review] Cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado & Marcelo Maiolo The JLA Rebirth: The Ray one shot had a lot riding on it for me It's the return of a classic character I've always been a bit of a fan of, it's a gay male[...]
What DC Television Series Geoff Johns Might Be Hinting At
This might be what Johns is talking about. We've also not heard much about The Ray animated series that's headed to the CW Seed We know the full title with be Freedom Fights: The Ray and that the lead will be gay The original announcement back in August was that it would be making it's debut[...]
The Ray, Volume III, #1
This past Wednesday, DC released The Ray, Volume III, #1, bringing us the fourth incarnation of the Ray, this one a Korean-American named Lucien Gates Despite having been around since 1940, three of the four, and all three volumes, have all come within the last 20 years. So who is the Ray? The Ray (I – Happy[...]