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LEGO Reveals New Stranger Things Upside Down Set!
Set 75810 is The Upside Down The set will clock in at a whopping 2,200 pieces, and comes with minifigs of Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Joyce, Hopper, and a Demogorgon The neatest part? You will be able to build both versions of the Byers House That's right, the upside down version is included as[...]
The Walking Dead/Stranger Things "Crossover" You Never Realized
Credit: Netflix As a fan of AMC's The Walking Dead, if I read a headline like that the first think I'd think was, "Sweet! Makes sense! 'The Upside Down' would definitely explain what the hell happened to Heath after his disappearing act in Season 7's sixth episode 'Swear!'" If I'm a fan of Netflix's Stranger Things,[...]
Stranger Things Season 2 Review- A Rare Sequel That Lives Up To The Hype
He is having "now memories", visions of the Upside Down and a terrible being residing inside Dustin befriends a creature that could spell trouble for everyone Lucas and Max form a bod that threatens not only the bonds of the group, but his personal safety Nancy feels terrible guilt over her part in the death[...]
Stranger Things 2: Sesame Street Teases Parody 'Sharing Things'
If this first teaser for the classic children show's Stranger Things 2 parody is a sign of things to come, then Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch and Elmo might need to pack their bags and figure out a way "how to get, how to get the **** out of Sesame Street." On the same day[...]
Netflix Calls Closing Time On 'Stranger Things' Pop-Up Bar
Because there's a very real chance that you won't be seeing it again anytime soon. Wildly popular Stranger Things pop-up bar The Upside Down received a geek-friendly but legally firm letter from Netflix's legal team insisting that the bar close its run by its originally scheduled October 1st date The letter also advised the bar's backers to[...]