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Doctor Who: Exposition, Psychic Paper, and the Perils of Being a Female Doctor
This exposition is necessary to the story and the flow of the episode. So we're good with that, right? *Warning: Spoilers Below* In this week's Doctor Who episode, 'The Witchfinders,' we see what happens when the Doctor isn't immediately seen as an expert and cannot rely on an honest face and a sharp mind to convince people to[...]
Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who, The Witchfinders
We've just seen Doctor Who series 11 episode 8, "The Witchfinders". Some Americans saw it last week briefly, on Amazon Prime More Americans will see it later tonight on BBC America But this is from the BBC One screening in the UK Spoilers up, obviously. 1 The Witchfinder Doctor And with this episode, the Doctor becomes the enemy[...]
Bleeding Cool Traveled to Doctor Who's Future! Or Someone Screwed Up…
So on Wednesday night, I went to my Amazon Prime app and loaded up Season 11 Doctor Who, clicked on last Sunday's seventh episode 'Kerblam!' and started watching. BBC Then the episode starts – with 'The Witchfinders' displayed on the screen, and the episode starts with the Doctor and her companions at an early 17th Century England witch trial[...]