Doctor Doom And Molecule Man On 'How Not To Lose' As Time Runs Out

We've seen in Avengers and New Avengers, Valerie Richards, the daughter of Reed Richards planning "how not to lose" in the face of not being able to win, after incursion upon incursion, Earths being destroyed or universes being destroyed.

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You'll see her solution in this weekend's Secret Wars #0, but it is referred to in today's Avengers. Creating a "life raft" for the world's greatest scientists so that, even as our Earth is destroyed in conflict, humanity this version of humanity – will continue to exist in some form somewhere else.

Who knew that that whole Time Runs Out incursions was a cosmic version of that exact same thing?
Because in today's New Avengers – well, we knew who was causing the incursions, Doctor Doom. But we were at a loss to know how – or why?

As the origin of Molecule Man is retconned. Previously, he was an engineer who, working on a particle generator, was bombarded with radiation that transformed him into a remaker of matter and energy.

That was later retconned as an event that would open a wormhole to The Beyonder of Secret Wars, with Molecule Man getting power and the Beyonder becoming self-aware.

That was later retconned to a cosmic cube being divided between the Molecule Man and what became self aware as The Beyonder, before being reunited as Kosmos.

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And now it's being retconned once more. Rewritten. Well, it has been rewritten so many times before…

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But that gets rewritten again today. as part of an intentional act by the cosmic group of Beyonders, repeated across realities, with each Molecule Man created by them to be a ticking time bomb to explode all realities at once. Just to see what would happen.

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And the incursions? The resultant attempts of both the Molecule Man and Doctor Doom to mess with that plan of the Beyonders, cut noses off to spite faces and blow up reality before it can be blown up by them.

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But all the way through, have their own life raft, a place where life can remain despite the Beyonders interventions.

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And that, presumably, is the Battleworld of Secret Wars, a planet made up of many realities, that have survived the Beyonders attenpts to destroy everything. And that's the story Jonathan Hickman has been telling for years and years and years…

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Time to go back and reread everything! Ever! Oh, but first, lets see Black Panther rubbing Obama's nose in it all….

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…one head of state to another.

Today's comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, launching a Music & Comics Gallery on Friday, 12 comic artists have been tasked with taking an album of their choosing, and creating a new piece of cover art for it, with proceeds going to Brain Tumour Research. And on Saturday are running a Free Comic Book Day that they say won't hand out random grab bags and won't run out by midday. Londoners know what they are getting at…


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