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"Doctor Who": Ace – The Doctor's "Social Justice Warrior" Companion [OPINION]

So let's talk about Ace (Sophie Aldred), the Seventh Doctor's companion (1987-1989) – because I really don't get all the complaints about the current series of BBC's Doctor Who having too much politics. The series always had politics embedded at its core: virtually every Science Fiction, spy or crime TV series created in the UK in […]

Person of the Year

TIME Reveals Their Person of the Year for 2017

Yesterday, TIME Magazine revealed their reader poll results and 'short list' for their Person of the Year 2017 edition. There was a lot of talk about who might grace the cover of the annual issue; nominees and candidates covered the gamut of humanity. It was revealed this morning by the publication that "The Silence Breakers", […]

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Check out the TIME Magazine Person of the Year Reader Poll Results

Maybe you'll recall a week or so ago the hullabaloo that arose when President Donald Trump claimed he was offered TIME Magazine's Person of the Year honor, but turned it down. There was an immediate response from the publication, stating that the official title wouldn't be announced until December 6th. The President is incorrect about […]

Remebering The Drive-In Theater

My earliest movie-going experiences involve the drive in theater. Though already antiquated at the time, I clearly remembering seeing films like Superman, Star Wars (on a re-release around the time of Empire Strikes Back), Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Rocky III at the Starlite Drive-In in Rosemead, California. There was also the […]

Anita Sarkeesian Has Been Inducted Into The Time 100

The Time 100 is a pretty big deal, as the world's most recognizable magazine calls attention to the most influential people in the world. While she was already part of a Top 100 People on the Internet list from the organization, Anita Sarkeesian has now been drafted onto the overall Time 100. In a a […]

Anita Sarkeesian And PewDiePie Make 'Most Influential People on the Internet' List

This new list from Time is pretty interesting reading. Today the influential outlet released a list of the 30 Most Influential People on the Internet. There is a good mix of mix of YouTubers, Viners, and celebrities in there, but the two pertaining to gaming are interesting reading. PewDiePie and Anita Sarkeesian have both been […]