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Doctor Who Season 17 Blu-Ray Boxset Comes with Extras Galore
The 17th season of Doctor Who, Tom Baker's penultimate as the 4th Doctor, with Lalla Ward as Romana, is getting a Blu-Ray boxset stuffed with exclusive extras, including a new, definitive restoration and cut of the lost story "Shada" In 1979, Tom Baker's Doctor was in full flight With Douglas Adams (The Hitchhiker's Guide To[...]
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Doctor Who icon Tom Baker's mysterious Under Gallery Curator returns this November to aid UNIT in the upcoming Big Finish Productions audio drama release UNIT: Nemesis With Jemma Redgrave's Kate Stewart and Ingrid Oliver's Osgood returning for service, the alien-packed adventures find the UNIT team taking on the Ice Warriors and battling malevolent Time Lord the[...]
Doctor Who: Best of Series 2 Video Brings Back the Show’s Heights
Ever wanted to see the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) team up with the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker)? A team-up between the 5th (Peter Davison), 6th (Colin Baker), and 7th Doctors (Sylvester McCoy)? Leela (Louise Jameson) and Romana (Lalla Ward) working together on Gallifrey before and during the Time War? Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) hopping between[...]
Doctor Who: Big Finish Celebrates Female Producers
Big Finish has been producing Doctor Who audios since 1999, starring Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, David Tennant, and John Hurt Now they're kicking off 2021 by celebrating their newest audio drama producers – all of them female – and their forthcoming work on the Doctor Who and Torchwood audio[...]
Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker offers a message for 2021. (Image: BBC screencap)
And each actor played the character as a different archetype: William Hartnell played him as the last of the Edwardian patriarchs; Patrick Troughton played him as a Chaplin-esque hobo; Jon Pertwee played him as a dandyish playboy; Tom Baker played a wandering bohemian and so on The 21st Century Doctors were even more modern archetypes:[...]
Doctor Who: "Pyramids of Mars", BBC Studios
Today, we pick "The Pyramids of Mars" as the quintessential 4th Doctor story. Doctor Who: "Pyramids of Mars", BBC Studios In "Pyramids of Mars", the Doctor (Tom Baker) and Sarah Jane (Elizabeth Sladen) land the TARDIS in an English estate that belongs to archeologist Marcus Scarman They discover that Scarman is being controlled by an ancient alien[...]
Jodie Whittaker & David Tennant: Doctors Stick Together
Tom Baker came in 5th place, making him the favorite old school Doctor from the old show 1st Doctor William Hartnell is No 6, so it's nice to see the original model near the top  All in all, this looks fairly consistent with the patterns we've heard about anecdotally over the last few years The[...]
Jodie Whittaker in "Doctor Who", BBC
When you watch past versions played by William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Paul McGann, and Sylvester McCoy and their deeply ambivalent interactions with Gallifrey takes on new meaning knowing their origin as the Timeless Child Chibnall has also introduced more unknown incarnations out there prior to the First[...]
Tom Baker in Doctor Who: "The Deadly Assassin", BBC
Was Holmes under a major deadline crunch? Tom Baker in Doctor Who: "The Deadly Assassin", BBC The story introduced the first look at Gallriey since the 2nd Doctor's (Patrick Troughton) final story The War Game Instead of mysterious, inscrutable all-powerful beings, the timelords are a bunch of old duffers hidebound by dull traditions and red tape[...]
Doctor Who: "The Hand of Fear", BBC Studios
And you get generic 1970s suspense music! Old School video chromakey effects! By today's standards, it's charmingly kitsch. Tom Baker and Elizabeth Sladen reputedly rewrote their farewell scene together into the slightly odd, subtle, low-key melancholy parting I always wondered if Baker and Sladen were in love, considering Baker developed a reputation for being difficult after[...]
DoctorWho" "Battlefield", BBC Studios
UNIT made its first reappearance on the show since the end of the Tom Baker era Nicholas Courtney also appears as The Brigadier for the last time on the show. Doctor Who "Battlefield": A Flawed Production Unfortunately, the production was also a mess It's not very well-directed, and moments that should have felt epic just looked like[...]
Doctor Who: “The Masque of Mandragora” Condensed Into 30 Minutes!
Tom Baker was still fresh and fun, and the late, great Elizabeth Sladen's Sarah Jane Smith is still considered the Best Companion. Doctor Who: The Masque of Mandragora from BBC Studios It's interesting to consider the different pacing of shows in the 1970s where they had to fill 4 half-hour serials Cutting the whole story down to[...]
A scene from Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.
"Conundrum" is read by Matthew Waterhouse, who played Adric, one of the 4th Doctor's (Tom Baker) final companions before he regenerated The idea behind the Audio Annual is to recreate an audio version of the old Doctor Who Annual books Those were hardcover trade books that usually came out once a year around Christmas They[...]
Doctor Who cover from Big Finish
They have since expanded to include Tom Baker, John Hurt, David Tennant, David Bradley (as the First Doctor), and the cast of Torchwood.  With this many Doctors and other series, they're producing new stories for, Big Finish announced they will revamp the Doctor Who ranges of titles to differentiate them better Each Doctor will have[...]
Ten Doctors are set to reunite for The Big Night In, courtesy of BBC Studios.
Actors Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, Jodie Whittaker, and Jo Martin have recorded a special message for not only the NHS but also for all frontline workers in what is an unprecedented reunion for the long-running series. Ten Doctors are set to reunite for The[...]