Doctor Who Star Tom Baker's The Curator Returns for UNIT: Nemesis

Doctor Who icon Tom Baker's mysterious Under Gallery Curator returns this November to aid UNIT in the upcoming Big Finish Productions audio drama release UNIT: Nemesis. With Jemma Redgrave's Kate Stewart and Ingrid Oliver's Osgood returning for service, the alien-packed adventures find the UNIT team taking on the Ice Warriors and battling malevolent Time Lord the Eleven (Mark Bonnar) through the streets of Edinburgh and beyond. The new four-box-set arc of Doctor Who spinoff adventures is set to release later this year- but for those of you looking to pre-order the collector's edition CD (£24.99) or the digital download (£19.99), you can head over to Big Finish's site (here). Now here's a look at the key art, followed by a rundown of what you can expect.

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Image: Big Finish

"The Enemy Beyond" by Andrew Smith: In a UNIT facility beneath Edinburgh Castle, Kate and Osgood work to unlock the mystery of a stone arch discovered buried in a prehistoric rock formation. When the arch takes one of their number away to a strange, bleak world, it leads to an encounter with a Time Lord. One with multiple personalities. Soon the Eleven is loose on the streets of Edinburgh and plotting to seize the arch from UNIT by any means necessary.

"Fire and Ice" by John Dorney: When Kate needs Harry Sullivan's help with a threat from the Eleven, she and Osgood travel to Australia to meet him. He's there with Naomi Cross, investigating footage of an apparent UFO crash that turned up on social media. They find themselves caught in the middle of a conflict between Ice Warriors. And one Ice Warrior isn't so icy –in fact, he's red hot. And getting hotter…

"Eleven's Eleven" by Lisa McMullin: A series of jewel robberies in London and the Home Counties draws the attention of UNIT when it's discovered that some of the stolen gems are alien in origin. The robberies are the work of an organised criminal gang led by East End villain Ava Drake. But Ava has a new, ruthless partner. The Eleven has promised her riches- and for him, the gems are a means to defeat UNIT and regain the arch.

"The Curator's Gambit" by Andrew Smith: The arch is taken to the Under Gallery for safekeeping, under the protection of the Curator. When the Eleven penetrates the Gallery's security, the Curator initiates an emergency plan. He and UNIT play a game of cat and mouse with their pursuers within the Under Gallery's original location, Hampton Court Palace.

Joining the UNIT audio team of regulars, Jemma Redgrave, Ingrid Oliver, James Joyce, Eleanor Crooks, Christopher Naylor, and Tracy Wiles, are Maggie Service (Doctor Who, Good Omens) as East End gang leader Ava Drake, James MacCallum (The War Master, Tolkien) as marine geologist and archaeologist Adam Merchant, Olivia Poulet (Blake's 7: Avalon, The Thick of It) as wannabe influencer Ros Green, Becky Wright (The Archers, The Monthly Adventures) as UNIT private Claire Duval, and Glen McCready (Missy, Callan) as painter JW Turner.

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