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A very exciting finale of Food Network's Tournament of Champions, where the randomizer proved a brutal punisher by pairing some truly unconventional items together The competition started with ten men and six women, and the best-of-the-best remained to go head-to-head For the West Coast, we had Brooke Williamson vs Antonia Lofaso; and for the East[...]
Let's give it up to the ladies on this week's edition of Food Network's Tournament of Champions, as they wiped their mixing bowls clean with the other contestants So maybe I'm being a little "girl power" subjective here The star chefs really stepped it up this week and showed the "new kids on the block"[...]
This week on Food Network's Tournament of Champions, the underdogs continue to kick some serious butt.  Clearly just because they don't have as many wins under their belt doesn't mean they are not rockstars in the kitchen With the exception of my pick to win the entire competition Antonia Laofaso the newer chefs are scoring[...]