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Tradd Moore Brings Back Doctor Strange From The Dead In November
Um… Tradd Moore Brings Back Doctor Strange From The Dead In November At the Diamond Retailer lunch today at San Diego Comic-Con we just got word of a new series A new Doctor Strange series Written and drawn by Tradd Moore, called… Doctor Strange, And launching in November 2o22 Take a look. Tradd Moore Brings Back Doctor Strange[...]
Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore's Luther Strode Getting A Movie?
Word is breaking at The Hollywood Reporter this morning that The Strange Talent of Luther Strode – Image Comics' breakout hit series that launched the careers of writer Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore to much critical acclaim – has been tapped for a feature film adaptation by a new production company called Allnighter from some[...]
Tradd Moore and Ryan Ottley's Crossover #1 Covers, Leaked
We're hearing that retailers noticed a few more Crossover incentive cover codes pop up on the Diamond retailer site last night and we've managed to get our hands on the Tradd Moore (1:25) and Ryan Ottley (1:50) covers for anyone eager to see what else Image has up its sleeve before they're on FOC this[...]
The New World #2 cover by Tradd and Heather Moore
All she needs to do is follow through with killing Kirby. The New World #2 cover by Tradd Moore and Heather Moore The New World #2 busts out the gate with action, as Kirby must make his way past Logan Maximus and the police The ante is upped for Stella now that she knows she could be[...]
The New World #1 cover by Tradd and Heather Moore
Longer isn't inherently better, and this one could have likely been shaved down a bit without losing much. That said, the story more than gets by on personality, energy, and sharp commentary. The New World #1 art by Tradd and Heather Moore Tradd Moore may have been the perfect artist choice to bring this to life[...]
suicide squad tradd moore
Late last night, comic artist Tradd Moore shared a new image on his Instagram page that revealed that we almost got a Suicide Squad story from the creator last year. The artist, whose work on action series Luther Strode over at Image Comics showed his incredible talent for balls-to-the-wall action sequences and creative comics storytelling, almost[...]
Luther Strode
The complete Luther Strode series, made up of a trilogy of mini-series from Image Comics by Justin Jordan, Tradd Moore and Felipe Sobreiro is to be collected into a gorgeous hardcover edition by the publisher and available in comic stores Wednesday, October 4th and in book stores Tuesday, October 10th. Luther Strode: The Complete Series cover[...]
Tradd Moore On Venom #150 As Original Numbers And Eddie Brock Return (For Now) Plus Backup By Michelinie And Lim
First, there's this art by Tradd Moore: That comes along with a creative team, which sees current Venom artist Gerardo Sandoval drawing a backup written by Robbie Thompson, while Moore teams with current Venom writer Mike Costa on the main story: VENOM #150 MIKE COSTA, ROBBIE THOMPSON & DAVID MICHELINIE (W) TRADD MOORE, GERARDO SANDOVAL & RON LIM (A) Cover by GERARDO SANDOVAL Variant Cover[...]
Robbie Reyes / Ghost Rider – From Panel To Screen
The chose to go with the Robbie Reyes version of the character as it seemed more grounded in what the TV series was doing and they really liked the take by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore There is also footage of Smith and Moore talking about the comic series that looks like its much older[...]
Designing The Ghost Rider – What The Spirit Of Vengeance Wears
They went to the source material, the comics by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore, for the design, keeping it as close to the comic version as possible… but the jeans and the shoes were more off the rack. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD is on winter hiatus but will be back January 10th with the new story[...]
Robbie Reyes Creators Smith And Moore Visit The Set Of Agents Of SHIELD
Creators of the Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider, Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore, visited the set of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and got to me the cast and crew They hung out with Gabriel Luna, Henry Simmons and more plus signed some copies of the graphic novel for the actors. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns[...]
Marvel Shows Off Langdon Foss Concept Art for Vote Loki 2016 At C2E2
 Shown off by Marvel at the Diamond Retailer Breakfast ahead of C2E2 this morning, the comic book publisher is indeed entering the Presidential Election of 2016, with the Prince Of Life himself, Loki.We'd seen the Tradd Moore cover, but the Langdon Foss art was new Could this be the next Loki cosplay craze to catch on? Follow[...]
A First Look At The Merc-With-A-Mouth Vs The Mad Titan
There are covers by Tradd Moore and Ron Lim. Everyone knows the story of Thanos – the man who single-handedly turned bejeweled gloves into THE deadliest fashion accessory in the entire universe But did you know that he and Deadpool share an ex? It's true! The cosmic lady known only as Death! And when her mysterious[...]
Flight Club – A Ten Page Tradd Moore Story For Bizarre New World
Main Book: Writer / Creator: Skipper Martin. Line Artists: Christopher Provencher & Adam Huntley. Colors: Wes Dzioba. Lettering: Tom Orzechowski & Ed Dukeshire. Anthology: Writers: Dan Adams-Jacobson, Corinna Bechko, Neal Bailey, Mike Blaylock, Dino Caruso, Joey Cruz, Wilfredo Duran, Troy Dye, Ellen Everett, Micah Farritor, Dan Hill, Skipper Martin, Nicholas Miceli, Raphael Moran, Chuck Moore, Maxwell Patterson, Tone Rodriguez, Michael Sangiacomo,[...]