Nightcrawler Starred in Titanic in Age Of X-Man (Spoilers)

Bleeding Cool gave you the heads up on the Anti-Love and Anti-Sex Agenda of Age Of X-Man, the current mutant reality being published by Marvel right now, as well as what may have inspired it. But there was also an intriguing glimpse of romance in The Amazing Nightcrawler, the most famous man in the world […]

When Mike S Miller Successfully Slipped Religious Messages Into Wolverine

Wolverine #144 was a comic published by Marvel in 1999, written by Image Comics founder Erik Larsen and current Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson. It was guest-pencilled by Mike Miller and inked by Vince Russell. It was edited by Mark Powers – and this is what he let slip through. We mentioned Joe Harris' comments […]

Tom Mandrake, Currently Looking For Work…

Tom Mandrake is a comic book creator, best known for his work on Grimjack, The Spectre and Martian Manhunter, especially in collaboration with John Ostrander. This included co-creating The Black Mask with Doug Moench in Batman #386 and the Film Freak in Batman #395, and with John Ostrander creating Michael Holt as a new version of Mister Terrific. He is married to comics artist […]

When Mike S Miller Tried to Slip Religious Messages Into X-Men Comics

Last week's kerfuffle saw comic book artist Mike Miller tried to reuse and redraw an old Spider-Man cover sketch by the late Mike Wieringo, and claim it as Wieringo's final cover, before appearing to burn it after there were complaints, including from Wiringo's family. He then called it an exercise in trolling, which it was, with the […]

Hulk #377 in Big Back Issue Demand After Avengers Endgame Visual 'Leak'

It looks like a badly Photoshopped promotional piece. And that's probably because it is. But that image of the Hulk had to have come from somewhere. Enough people see it as evidence that Avengers: Endgame will see a merged Hulk/Bruce Banner character, known in the comics as Professor Hulk. That's the character who emerged after […]

Has Brian Bendis Made Tim Drake a Virgin Again?

Tim Drake was the third Robin character in Batman. He was also a virgin. While other Bat characters were wont to put it about a bit, Tim's only mistress was fighting crime dressed in thigh-exposing lycra. For some people that came to define the character, also suggesting he was asexual or gay, and were rather […]

Gossip Fills the Void at DC Comics' Burbank Offices

DC Comics, after a couple of rounds of redundancies, has been a pretty paranoid place. More changes are still expected in the summer but no one seems to be talking about what they will be. As you know, nature abhors a vacuum and gossip fills its place. There's lots of tittle-tattle, but it generally involved […]