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Puzzle Platformer Unravel Two to Release on Switch in March
Coldwood and EA announced during a lengthy Nintendo Direct this week that their puzzle platformer Unravel Two will be released on Nintendo Switch in March The innovative string-based platformer builds off the original game with both a single-player and local or online co-op drop-in/drop-out modes The focus of the game is centered around the bond between[...]
EA Puts Out First Two Chapters of Unravel 2 for Free in Limited Time Trial
EA has announced that Unravel 2 now has a trial across PC and console that will allow players to play a portion of the game for up to 10 hours. The first Unravel game was a charming little venture It wasn't without fault, with several annoyances but it clearly had a heart and soul to it only[...]
Unravel Two Revealed at EA Play, Playable Right Now
EA and Coldwood simultaneously revealed and launched Unravel Two during EA Play today The innovative single player and co-op puzzle platformer was developed by the Swedish studio that brought Yarny to life in 2015's indie hit Unravel The sequel builds directly off the original game and centers on the bond between two Yarnys, which can be played[...]
EA Have Confirmed That We Will Be Getting An Unravel 2
Unravel was a cute little title The game made a splash last E3 when it was announced and its mascot Yarny has been of great popularity since he made that onstage debut. It looks like he is not done yet either Speaking on a blog post, executive vice president of EA Studios Patrick Söderlund said that EA were going to[...]
The 25 Best Games Already Out This Year
It's a bodacious experiment, and even while I don't think it holds together, the game has proven very popular. Unravel Unravel is EA's attempt to really get into harvesting indie games They are a company synonymous with huge titles, but the little platformer proves they can have heart to Coming as a very personal project, which it[...]
Learn How You'll Be Solving Puzzles In Unravel
Unravel is only a few short weeks away now, and I for one am really looking forward to it The platformer looks like a lot of fun and the art direction is just entirely charming. What is the actual gameplay though? It seems it'll mostly be focused on environmental puzzles, using your yarn to figure out[...]
Unravel Release Date Revealed Alongside New Story Trailer
Unravel has been capturing people's attention (and hearts) ever since the EA game was revealed at E3 this year The cute little protagonist Yarny, in particular has seen a lot of love. The game has finally received a release date now too, launching on February 9th, 2016 To celebrate the news, this new trailer has hit[...]
Catch Nine Minutes Of New Unravel Gameplay
His game Unravel has a lot of people swooning, and I've liked what I've played of it so far. As part of IGN, we've been given a new glimpse into the game, showing off nine minutes of gameplay to gawk at As you would expect, it's as cute as ever Delightful stuff. Take a look here: https://youtu.be/e6XbrI9jVtQVideo can't be[...]
Unravel Gets A Gameplay Demo At Gamescom
Unravel came out of EA's E3 press conference as one of the real winners The charming presentation was so different to what we expect from most EA games and it just felt honest compared to what we generally expect It helps that the game looked just as charming to boot. And Yarny was back at EA's[...]
EA's Unravel Is Coming Early 2016
One of the real surprises from EA this year at E3, was that they gave a significant amount of stage time to a little game called Unravel The game's protagonist then went on to steal the entire expo with his cute social media presence, capturing everyone's heart. Well, we now have an idea of when the[...]
We Own The Rights – EA At E3
As we moved into the game play video we saw some seamless and impressive merging of live action with car selection choices and then dropping straight into the game; the night environment adding to the atmosphere and the game looking very sweet. Physics-based game Unravel is inspired by the fact that out lives are tied to[...]