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Spoilers: Robins, Foxes & Peacekeeprs in Batman Comics Today
Today sees the release of Batman: Urban Legends, Detective Comics, and Future State: Gotham, all with various takes on the current Batman gallery in Gotham – and what's to come So in Future State Gotham, we have Jason Todd in his new future role as Peacekeeper Red… Certainly, in Batman: Urban Legends, we get to see[...]
Spoilers: Another Brand New Villain For Batman: Urgan Legends
The lead Batman: Urban Legends Red Hood story from Chip Zdarsky and Eddie Barrows has seen Red Hood taking on one of the older Batman villains, Mr Freeze – as well as himself. But these days, Batman is all about the new villains and anti-heroes as well Punchline, Clown-Hunter, Ghost-Maker, and more, with a new drug[...]
Batman Helping Out Red Hood, A Confessed Murderer?
In Batman: Urban Legends, Jason Todd – Red Hood, has done a very bad thing And he knows it, mostly Indeed he confesses it to Batman He's a murderer He may justify his killing, but it was cold blooded murder. Batman: Urban Legends #3 This was not self defense, this was not a preservation of life moment[...]
Batman Urban Legends Has A Major Fridging Moment
Batman Urban Legends spoilers ahead… Gail Simone wrote the Women in Refrigerators list in 1999 listing examples of the superhero comic-book trope whereby female characters are affected by injury, raped, killed, or depowered, sometimes to stimulate "protective" traits, and often as a plot device intended to move a male character's story arc forward, and seeks[...]
Jason Todd, Red Hood, Crosses The Line in Batman: Urban Legends #1
Today sees the publication of Batman: Urban Legends #1 from DC Comics and that rumour has turned to cold-blooded fact. Jason Todd, former Robin, killed/left for dead by The Joker, then revived, took on the Joker's old identity of The Red Hood and carried the crowbar the Joker used to kill him Rejecting Batman's moratorium on[...]