Bisexual Robin Sees Batman Urban Legends #6 Get A Second Print

Batman: Urban Legends #6 has sold out at the Lunar and Diamond UK distribution level and is going to a second printing. And while Red Hood swearing off guns and Zealot's history with Wonder Woman being slowly revealed may have caused interest, it was worldwide attention on a story that Bleeding Cool ran some time ago, that DC Comics was going to have Tim Drake, Batman's third Robin, reveal himself as bisexual. It wasn't entirely there in the text, but DC Comics' own publicity soon confirmed it. And even TMZ found a new take, quoting the granddaughter of the founder of DC Comics, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson in favour of the move. And now DC Comics has sold out of the comic in question, decided that there may be more demand, and has sent Batman: Urban Legends #6 to a second printing. No cover revealed yet, but odds are it will have Tim Drake and Bernard Dowd on the cover…

Bisexual Robin Sees Batman Urban Legends #6 Get A Second Print
Bisexual Robin Sees Batman Urban Legends #6 Get A Second Print

Story by CHIP ZDARSKY, JOSHUA WILLIAMSON, MEGHAN FITZMARTIN, AND MATTHEW ROSENBERG art by EDDY BARROWS, MARCUS TO TREVOR HAIRSINE, BELÉN ORTEGA, AND CHRIS SPROUSE Red Hood: The epic Cheer story line reaches its conclusion, and Red Hood's alliance with Batman will be forever changed. Will the former Dynamic Duo get the Cheerdrop drug off the streets for good? Or will they forever be at the mercy of the villain who created it? And will Red Hood find a new home for Tyler, the boy he's sworn to protect? Tim Drake: Tim Drake is in the den of the Chaos Monsters with the other kidnapped teenagers of Gotham City. In order to free himself and the other teens, Tim will have to embrace help from his friend Bernard and hear something about himself he never knew. A brand-new chapter of Tim Drake's life starts here, and you won't want to miss it! Black Canary: Oracle locates some Batman weaponry, missing since The Joker War, and calls in her old friend Dinah Lance to help retrieve it! Fists will fly, the Canary will scream, and a stunning new mission begins. The ending will leave readers in shock and awe! Zealot: The HALO Corporation sent their top field agent, code name Zealot, to hunt Maxwell Lord. But the villain has a guardian angel in the form of…Wonder Woman?! A throw down for the ages will ensue! Retail: $7.99 In-Store Date: 9/27/2021

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