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Marvel Heroes Don't Care if You're Vaxxed, But They Do Like Papusas
It's worth nothing that at no point do AIM or the Avengers mention COVID or vaccines at all But afterward, The Avengers do end up grabbing some papusas from the same food truck as the newly-vaxxed family. "We are all in this together," says Cap, though the statement might carry more weight if he or any[...]
Dave Bautista is Sexually Attracted to Coronavirus Vaccines
Former WWE wrestler turned Hollywood megastar Dave Bautista revealed a new kink this week: coronavirus vaccines The Animal took to Twitter to express his belief in the sexiness of the COVID-19 vaccines by Pfizer, Moderna, and others Additionally, the former WWE Champion said that he believes being vaccinated makes him sexier as well. Dave Bautista admits[...]
Mile High Comics And MyComicShop, Taking On Staff In 2021
Chuck/Bettie writes, With vaccines now being distributed that may (eventually) halt the devastation of our pandemic in 2021, tentative plans are being made by us here at Mile High Comics for a brighter future Our purchasing of a wide diversity of comics, books, and toy collections never ceased during the pandemic, but oftentimes significant portions of our new acquisitions have[...]