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Pamela Ribon (Moana, Ralph Breaks the Internet) and Veronica Fish's graphic novel series Slam! is set to make the jump from page to screen, with Ribon teaming with Rooster Teeth Studios (gen: LOCK, "Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy"), BOOM! Studios, and Minnow Mountain (Undone) for an animated series adaptation for HBO Max Presented in a[...]
Archie Sabrina Something Wicked
Archie Comics has announced a new Sabrina the Teenage Witch mini-series following up the current one by Kelly Thomson, Veronica Fish, Andy Fish, and Jack Morelli Launching Spring 2020, Sabrina: Something Wicked will be another five-issue mini-series, delving into the characters and the history of Greendale's witches. From the press release: Hot on the heels of the[...]
Blackwood #4 cover by Veronica Fish
Can the school be saved? Blackwood #4 cover by Veronica Fish Blackwood #4 brings this volume to a closing with a campus-wide battle against an insectile apocalypse We learn more of the history of Dean Ogden and Grace and how the two are connected. There is a love story at the heart of this that is a bit[...]
Blackwood #3 cover by Veronica Fish
Worse yet, Grace has made it to the campus. Blackwood #3 cover by Veronica Fish Blackwood #3 opens in an especially grisly manner with the death of the student whom, despite this book being a month old, I'll refrain from spoiling the identity (even if simply reading Blackwood #2 pretty much all but said it). The book continues[...]
Veronica and Andy Fish Talk 'Blackwood' and Finish Each Other's Sentences at SDCC
Mystery, monsters, and reanimated taxidermy abound in Blackwood! Blackwood, from Dark Horse Comics, is written by Evan Dorkin (Milk and Cheese fame), illustrated by Veronica Fish (Spider Woman, Archie Comics), and lettered by Andy Fish (Geeks and Greeks, How to Draw series) Issue #3 comes out July 25th — but so far after two issues, a dude[...]
Blackwood #2 cover by Veronica Fish
The students must now face the true nature of the school they have enrolled into while the teachers decide the fate of the school. Blackwood #2 cover by Veronica Fish Blackwood #2 dives fully into the occult elements of its story, contrasting the first issue's tiptoeing around the ideas Here, we have curses, rituals, Lovecraftian monstrosities taking[...]
Blackwood #1 cover by Veronica Fish
They don't get along, but they may need one another to survive the madness of the school. Blackwood #1 cover by Veronica Fish Comparisons to Harry Potter are easy and expected with a starting point like this The similarities begin and end with the premise and sparse plot points though, as Blackwood's characters and intended audience are[...]
Everything is to the point. Artist Veronica Fish is gracious with the different types of bodies we see in the book There are big and small women, short and tall, athletic, etc There's a good variety of body types in here, and they're all celebrated in a positive way Every woman is portrayed as strong, which[...]
Gritty Peter Pan Comic Reboot 'The Wendy Project' Is In Stores Today
Did you enjoy the original Peter Pan, but felt it focused too much on pixie-dust, magical adventures, everlasting youth and not enough on tragic child death and grief? Well, if the answer to that question was yes, then The Wendy Project may be just the depressing Peter Pan reboot you've been waiting for! In stores today,[...]
Archie Vol 1 – 24 Trades Of Christmas
Spinning the wheel of trades has us landing on Archie Comics today and the new Archie Volume 1 by Mark Waid, Fiona Staples, Annie Wu and Veronica Fish more specifically I used to see the Archie Digests at the grocery store and wonder to myself, "who's buying those?" They seemed kind of like dinosaurs on[...]
Television Without Pity's Pamela Ribon And Veronica Fish Bring Roller Derby To BOOM!
It will be written by New York Times best selling novelist, and co-founder of the snarky, lamented website Television Without Pity, Pamela Ribon, and drawn by Veronica Fish of Archie fame. It comes out in November. Peter S Svensson quickly writes for Bleeding Cool. At the end of BOOM! Studios's panel at SDCC, marketing master Filip Sablik[...]
Scoop: Veronica Fish Leaves Archie, "Name" Replacement To Be Sought At San Diego
  Industry sources tell me that regular Archie artist Veronica Fish is no longer the artist on the ongoing title written by Mark Waid. She will still create covers and similar illustrations for Archie Comics but will no longer be the title's penciller after Archie #10, out on July 27th Fish stepped in as the regular artist after Fiona[...]
Archie Gets Political In Preview For Issue #8
Is this Mark Waid's chance to comment on the current political climate as he has a rich man running for office and no one knows if he will save the town or destroy it? ARCHIE #8 Veronica's father (and Archie's arch-nemesis!), Hiram Lodge, is running for Mayor of Riverdale! But will he save, and even improve the town—or will he[...]
Archie Has Angered A Rich And Powerful Man… Veronica's Father
New in shops this week is the seventh issue of the relaunched Archie series written by Mark Waid with artists Veronica Fish, Andre Szymanowicz, Jen Vaughn and Jack Morelli In the issue Veronica's father finds out that she's dating Archie, the boy who destroyed their planned mansion Needless to say, Hiram Lodge is not happy[...]