Blackwood #4 Review: A Somber and Understated Ending

Blackwood is under siege by Grace and her insect horde. She's trying to summon a goddess through a portal over the campus. Try their best to hold off the bugs, and the three students make it into Ogden's office. The three look through Ogden's things and find an arsenal to use against Grace's bugs. It's the last stand of Blackwood. Can the school be saved?

Blackwood #4 cover by Veronica Fish
Blackwood #4 cover by Veronica Fish

Blackwood #4 brings this volume to a closing with a campus-wide battle against an insectile apocalypse. We learn more of the history of Dean Ogden and Grace and how the two are connected.

There is a love story at the heart of this that is a bit saccharine. It's not awful, and it tries to add more emotion to the tale. It's a little clichéd and telegraphed though, and it doesn't do the story any favors.

The students are the stars of the show again, and Wren is by far my favorite. She plays the glib and cynical observer of this catastrophe, and she doesn't buy into some of the sentimental nonsense that weighs the comic down. The other two are likable too, but Wren steals most of her scenes.

Blackwood #4 art by Veronica and Andy Fish
Blackwood #4 art by Veronica and Andy Fish

Veronica Fish finishes strong with another unnerving yet dazzling display of cult horror imagery. The insects are aptly disgusting, and the designs of Ogden and Grace have good designs. The color palette is still wild and contrasts itself in surprising ways. This is a great-looking miniseries.

Blackwood #4 has some weaknesses in the revelations of this story, but it has enough self-awareness to counteract the moments of over-sentimentality. The engaging leads pull the comic together well. The ending is enjoyably somber and understated. The story is fun, it has some good moments of horror, and the artwork of Veronica Fish is very strong. This one earns another recommendation. Give it a read.

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