Uncovered "Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" VHS Shows Beta Footage

Uncovered "Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time" VHS Shows Beta Footage

A gem of old-school Nintendo popped up over the weekend as an old VHS tape revealed beta footage from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time This in itself is a rarity as once upon a time, there used to be a line of videos from a few different companies in the '90s that would[...]

Mondo Offering New Book on the History of Video Store Stickers

Mondo Offering New Book on the History of Video Store Stickers

Mondo is now offering for sale the excellent new book Stuck on VHS: A Visual History of Video Store Stickers by Josh Schafer The book is just what it sounds like: examples of the various different stickers that could be found on the VHS tape boxes at rental stores It even includes stickers you can[...]

VHS Box Collage

BC Horror: Our 8 Favorite Old VHS Covers!

It is not a substitute for turning the corner and discovering that unique VHS box that catches your eye I worked at a video store for a long time, and the most popular aisle was the horror one In honor of next week's Halloween holiday, we chose our 8 favorite 80's horror VHS boxes! These[...]

Sdcc 2018 NECA Exclusive TMNT 1990 Figure Set 11

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) Gets the Ultimate SDCC Exclusives from NECA

Based on the turtles appearance in the classic 1990 film, these box sets of the boys come in a special VHS box package Inside, all four turtles are in 7-inch scale, heavily articulated, and come with every accessory you could ever want They have essentially just shrunken down their excellent 1/4 scale TMNT figures, and[...]

The End of Betamax After Forty Years Of Production … No, Really!

The end of the product comes after forty years of production and more than twenty years after people stop thinking about the product at all.In the mid 1970s and early 80s, Sony's Betamax format and VHS -- developed by Sony's rivals JVC -- battled in the marketplace for dominance Other companies eventually entered the fray,[...]

Trailer For VHS: Viral, Third In The Series Of Found Footage Horror Anthologies

The second VHS movie was more of a mixed bag than the first, in the best possible sense It was less consistently silly, less consistently sexist and less consistently boring Indeed, at least two of the sections in VHS 2 actually worked - Gareth Evans & Timo Tjahjanto's Safe Haven was the standout, Eduardo Sánchez[...]

First Manic Teaser For The Horror Anthology S-VHS Has Unspooled

S-VHS is a sequel to VHS, and like the former film is an anthology of found footage horror Also like the former film, it has been produced in a mixture of different formats, not specifically VHS - the title is there for its nostalgic connotations.The first film premiered at Sundance last year, the second premieres at Sundance this year,[...]

The Key To Saving Found Footage Movies Lies On V/H/S

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool. I'm rather fond of found footage movies, some considerably more than others. Done right, as it is in Chronicle and, to my mind, Cloverfield, it instantly makes the narrative more intimate and claustrophobic at the same time as painting in a lot of implied detail outside the frame. Done […]

They've Put Some Effort Into These Clips From Paranormal Activity 3

The viral marketeers at Paramount are working overtime at the moment, mailing out VHS tapes to targeted horror sites On the tapes are clips from Paranormal Activity 3, the upcoming prequel set in the VHS era.These clips are then being recorded and posted online Here are the three to have surfaced so far, though I'm[...]

Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh #88: Nice Girls Don't Explode

I tried to think of a clever title for this week's column, but really, nothing can beat the actual title of the movie itself. Yes, there really existed a movie called NICE GIRLS DON'T EXPLODE. No one seems to remember it or talk about it now. Why am I talking about it now? Why not? […]