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Victrix Reveals Their New Pro BFG Gaming Controller
Victrix recently revealed a brand new gaming controller for both PS5 and Xbox Series X|S as they have released the Pro BFG This is a highly customizable controller that will give you multiple options of how to play This includes various additions to the thumbstick, variations on the D-Pad, and even the ability to change[...]
Victrix Pro FS & Pro FS-12 Arcade Fight Sticks Unveiled
Victrix Pro revealed a new pair of arcade fight sticks during Evo 2022 this weekend, as we're getting the FS and FS-12 models These two are an overall improvement on previous lines, with two different options that compliment different playstyles These are both the newest versions of their premium tournament fight line of sticks for[...]
Victrix Announce the "Pro FS" Fight Stick to Launch on March 15
Victrix announced today that the "Pro FS" Fight Stick will finally receive a proper launch event and then come to the market on March 15th The unit is going to run you $350, but there's a couple of things adding to that cost First off, the things is sitting in a unibody aluminum chassis making it weigh almost[...]