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Showrunner Steven Moffat succeeded when he created the Weeping Angels, one of the scariest monsters the show ever had, and the most popular from the new era of the show. A Weeping Angel with River Song (Alex Kingston) in "Doctor Who", BBC The Weeping Angels were inspired by Moffat seeing statues of angels at graveyards and churches[...]
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One thing we do know about it is that it travels with a nasty crew made up of Sontarans, Weeping Angels, Cybermen, Ravagers, Ood, and more- all looking to put an end to their "Doctor problem" for good As impressive of a line-up of big bads that is, we're expecting a few more surprised by[...]
The Fourteenth Doctor And More Changes Coming For Doctor Who
Otherwise… see you after the spoiler image buffer. BBC PR Doctor Who Looks like his 2007 creations will be "weeping" their way back into the Doctor's lives, with Moffat confirming via Instagram that the Weeping Angels would appear in Series 13 (set to tell one complete story arc as opposed to stand-alone episodes) In a caption that[...]
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(Image: screencap) Mulligan's Sally Sparrow was introduced in the Steven Moffat-written 10th episode of the show's third "revival" season "Blink" (2007) that Doctor Who fans know as the episode that introduced the Weeping Angels Interestingly, Sparrow was one of the main protagonists in the episode and had all the makings of a companion or at least[...]
The 8th Doctor Vs The Weeping Angels
The 8th Doctor meets the Weeping Angels, one of the scariest new monsters ever made The series guest stars Alex Kingston as River Song as well as  Rufus Hound, Nicola Walker, and Jacqueline Pearce It's available now on their website. https://youtu.be/FtiA_McERMUVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Eighth Doctor Meets the Weeping Angels! |[...]