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Whiz Comics #12 (Fawcett Publications, 1941)
There's a general impression that the character we now call Shazam but was created as Captain Marvel was sort of a kinder, gentler version of Superman — particularly in the Golden Age.  But I think that's not quite right, at least as far as the earliest issues of Whiz Comics are concerned.  It might be[...]
Detective Comics #44 from the Promise Collection, DC Comics, 1940.
He believes in the power of witches, omens, and the protecting properties of amulets, talismans and charms, and when searched at the police office there are usually found in his pocket or concealed about his person bits of coal, rusty horseshoe nails, lucky stones and rings."  Becoming a bat seems an appropriate reaction to such[...]
Captain Marvel, Legion X and the Civil War
Enterprises publisher Myron Fass and Marvel Comics owner Martin Goodman. Before any of those other Captain Marvels, there was the one from Fawcett who debuted in late 1939 in the pages of Whiz Comics #2 (#1) (yes, it's complicated), and many will tell you that this character is the original Captain Marvel. But there is another Captain[...]
Silver for Timely's Golden Age and Gold for Marvel's Silver Age
The birth of Jerry Siegel and  Joe Shuster's Superman in Action Comics #1 laid the foundation for a formula that was emulated often in the Golden Age, and during the many decades that followed. In 1939, Batman first appeared in Detective Comics for National, Captain Marvel debuted in Whiz Comics for Fawcett Publications and Timely unleashed[...]