Set sail with Pirates for Yoe Books and Clover Press!

Arrr matey. Are you craving for adventure on the high seas? Do your land legs yearn for some swash-buckling adventures? Then this book is for you!


Pirates: A Treasure Of Comics To Plunder, Arrr! is the graphic novella for you. This book was put together thanks to the comic book masterminds of Craig Yoe and Ed Catto. Featuring over 5 unique pirate stories, this book is great for an afternoon read. Each story is presented in full color, as they had been originally. While each story is enchantingly engrossing, I admit I did come out with a few favorites.

"The Hawk" by Will Eisner (going under the pen name Willis Rensie) is a great way to start this book. Originally printed in Jumbo Comics #102 in August of 1947, we open with a damsel in distress. The artwork is eye catching, and the woman looks like your typical Eisner staple. The art in this story is lovingly detailed, and the dialogue is solid too. Eisner added a depth of authenticity to this story by having characters talk like pirates — and while this may be annoying to read for some — it's honestly delightful, and pulls you into the story.

"Daffy & Dilly" be Frank Frazetta, is another favorite of mine. This animal comic is cute, and while it doesn't have a serious tone like the other stories, it still fits in. Originally published in Happy Comics #33 in September of 1949, this story comes at the end of the Golden Age of comics. The story revolves around two pirate squirrels — and their not so intimidating pirate piracy. It's hard to not compare them to Chip and Dale, but that's alright. This is a delightful story, and a good break from the serious tone of the other stories. It's also hard to believe this is a Frazetta story.


Pirates have always been a part of pop culture lore. They've inspired countless people across generations, and have firmly secured their place in pop culture history in a variety of ways. This beautiful book collects some of the best pirate comics written during the Golden Age, as well as covers — both published and unpublished. You can buy this comic on Clover Press, and they even have a special Howard Pyle cover! For $25 this book is an absolute steal. Add it to your collection today!

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