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The Gatecrashers: Catching Up With the Cult Cyberpunk Indie Comic [Review]

The Gatecrashers: Catching Up With the Cult Cyberpunk Indie Comic [Review]

It began as a genre largely defined by William Gibson but has largely come true We’re living in a world where many of the tropes have become part of everyday life Class and economic divide, a world united by the internet, rampant corporate power, an apocalyptic sense of dystopia as our cities look like Blade[...]

William Gibson’s Alien III: The Path from Screenplay to Audio Play

William Gibson's "Alien III": The Path from Screenplay to Audio Drama

William Gibson wrote his legendary screenplay for Alien III more than 30 years ago Now you can experience it as an audio play, thanks to Audible.Gibson wrote the script back in 1987 at the height of his fame as the father of Cyberpunk and cultural influence He made science fiction hip and cool for the[...]

William Gibson Will Produce His First Graphic Novel Archangel With IDW

William Gibson is a hugely respected fiction writer in the literary world, and, well, it only seems natural that the writer would turn up in the comics realm at some point.Well, at their NYCC panel today, IDW announces William Gibson will be producing his first graphic novel, Archangel alongside Michael St John Smith and Butch Guice[...]

William Gibson's New Comic Archangel Sells Out And Goes To Second Print

Archangel #1, the new IDW comic co-written by the legendary William Gibson and Michael St John Smith, and drawn by Butch Guice and  out this week has nearly sold out and is going to a 2nd printing  And this is the planned cover.As IDW is really starting to focus more attention on creator-driven titles, this bodes[...]

William Gibson's Johnny Mnemonic To Be A TV Series

William Gibson's wonderful short story* has proven very influential - there's a central plot point on loan to the upcoming Elysium, in fact, though nobody seems to be speaking about it Yet.Back in the mid-90s, Johnny Mnemonic was adapted into a feature by the artist and music video director Robert Longo Though that version had[...]

Mark Wahlberg And Liam Neeson Set For Roles In Neuromancer?

In William Gibson original novel, Henry Dorsett Case is a sometime hacker or 'cyber cowboy' looking for a cure to the damage inflicted upon his nervous system after stealing from a powerful contractor.Meanwhile, it's said that Liam Neeson has had the offer to play Armitage It's a good role: a morally dubious ex-military officer who[...]

Joseph Kahn Reveals His Pitch For Transformers And Storyboards For Neuromancer

And lots of nukes at the end. Another Kahn project that never saw fruition was an adaptation of William Gibson's Neuromancer.When I Am Rogue uncovered some of Dan Fraga's storyboards for the aborted film at the end of last week, Kahn tweeted a link Here's a sample of what they were planning - apparently some kind[...]

William Gibson's Unused Alien 3 Screenplay Inspires New Aliens Videogame

There were several unused ideas for Alien 3, and I expect many of them would have served us better than the half-hearted compromise we ended up with.One of the unfilmed screenplays was written by William Gibson, the accidental futurist and sci-fi novellist who changed the sci-fi scene radically in the early 80s with his "cyberpunk"[...]

Work Is Underway On Vincenzo Natali's Neuromancer

Though principal photography won't begin until early 2012, work is underway on the FX for Vincenzo Natali's Neuromancer, adapted from the novel by William Gibson This is according to a new press release from the film's producers, Seven Arts Pictures and GFM Films They also reveal that shooting will take place in Canada, Istanbul, Tokyo[...]