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Dotemu has released a documentary video for their upcoming release of Windjammers 2 to give you an idea of how the game came about Ever since the original game was brought back to modern consoles and a sequel was announced, the wait for this game to come out has been super long The pandemic has[...]
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Dotemu has finally given Windjammers 2 fans the news they've been waiting for as the game finally has an official release date The game will now officially come out on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Game Pass & PC Game Pass, and Stadia on January 20th, 2022 Along with the news comes[...]
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Dotemu revealed two more characters being added to Windjammers 2 as the roster gets a bit more depth and interest Updates for the game have been a bit hit-and-miss when it comes to new additions, as we still don't even have a release date for the game yet But this latest update does give us[...]
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This morning, Dotemu revealed that they will be bringing Windjammers 2 to both PS4 and PS5, as the game is set to launch an open beta The game was already set to be released on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia for the initial schedule, but now they've added the PlayStation consoles to the list What's[...]
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Dotemu has released a fresh trailer for Windjammers 2 this morning, showing off the Arcade Mode for the game The trailer comes as the game currently has a demo up during the Steam Game Festival right now, which will be up until February 9th The trailer shows off how Arcade Mode will work as you[...]
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Dotemu has released a playable demo for Windjammers 2 as part of the Summer Steam Games Festival that you can play right now The demo is available on the game's Steam page, but will only be there for a limited time until June 22nd, so this is your chance to try it out before it's[...]
Enjoying "Windjammers 2" & "Streets Of Rage 4" At PAX West
During PAX West we paid a visit to the folks at Dotemu to check out Windjammers 2 and Streets Of Rage 4 just to see where they were at We'll start with Streets Of Rage 4 where I jumped in with another member of the press to mess around with some new levels I dove[...]
Dotemu Reveals A New "Windjammers 2" Trailer At Gamescom
Dotemu dropped into Gamescom this week with a few new items, one of which was a fresh new trailer showing off more of Windjammers 2 Aside from the fact that the game has been tapped to be on Google Stadia next year, we also get a look at some new florescent coloring being added to[...]
Feeling The Flow With Windjammers 2 at PAX East 2019
During that Streets Of Rage 4 preview at PAX East, we got a taste of another retro sequel Dotemu is working on with a demo of Windjammers 2 After having great success and popularity with the 2017 port they did of the original on PS4 and Vita that included online multiplayer, the company got a[...]
Windjammers 2 - Gameplay Reveal Trailer (alpha footage)
Dotemu has released a brand new gameplay trailer showing off the look and feel of Windjammers 2 before it starts making the convention rounds The trailer is short and to the point with alpha footage of the game, but you basically get a pretty good sense of the style and direction they plan on taking[...]
Windjammers 2
During Nintendo's Nindies Direct today, it was announced that Windjammers 2 is coming. Windjammers has seen a bit of a resurgence of late The game had kept a cult following in recent years, but it all became official when Dotemu rereleased the title for PlayStation 4 and PC last year Just last week it was announced[...]