WonderCon 2018

Getting Schwifty and Season 4 Talk with Rick and Morty Composer Ryan Elder

Getting Schwifty and Season 4 Talk with Rick and Morty Composer Ryan Elder

Jimmy Leszczynski went to WonderCon 2018 for Bleeding Cool.Rick might have said that “none of it matters, and the entire show is stupid,” but we don't think so! We sat down to talk with Rick and Morty composer Ryan Elder at WonderCon 2018 The 'Get Schwifty' writer starts by explaining his humble beginnings in 2005 making internet[...]

[#WonderCon] Everyones a Critic: Journalism in the Online Age

[#WonderCon] Everyone's a Critic: Journalism in the Online Age

It seems like you can't swing a genre review without hitting at least four different new media (read digital) journalism outlets in recent years. This isn't really a negative, with so many prolific writers popping up in places like io9, Bleeding Cool, and The Nerdist, there's plenty of room in the waters of the internet […]

[#WonderCon] Gather Round the Campfire: Tellin Tales with Patrick Rothfuss R.A. Salvatore Tina LeCount Myers and Jenna Rhodes

[#WonderCon] Gather 'Round the Campfire: Tellin' Tales with Patrick Rothfuss, R.A. Salvatore, Tina LeCount Myers, and Jenna Rhodes

[Editor's Note: This piece comes to us from the Gather Round the Campfire panel during WonderCon 2018 from Bleeding Cool contributor Dana Han-Klein.]Throw a bunch of fantasy writers in a room and what do you get? Philosophy, minimal practicality, and some great zingers.WonderCon 2018 special guest Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Kingkiller Chronicle series, was joined by fellow[...]

WonderCon Five Years On

WonderCon, Five Years On

People aren’t going to spend a whole lot of money on funny books when they’re worried about holding onto their jobs and putting food in their belly.WonderCon 2017 The con was back in Anaheim, and I was back on track with my best con sales to date, until…WonderCon 2018I’m still recovering from the three-day fever dream[...]

DC Comics Variant Covers Programme to End Rumour Out of #WonderCon 2018

DC Comics Variant Covers Programme to End? Rumour Out of #WonderCon 2018

Spilling out of WonderCon comes the buzz from comics professionals that DC Comics is to conclude its current variant cover programme. Starting with the DC Rebirth issues, each twice-monthly and monthly series (and a few of the mini-series) had a regular variant cover gig for a major artist to work on the character with images less […]

[#WonderCon] Inside the Writers Room: Shows That Inspire

[#WonderCon] Inside the Writers' Room: Shows That Inspire

WonderCon is always a great event to listen to fascinating discussions about the behind-the-scenes creation of some of our favorite shows and films. Friday had one of the two weekend panels highlighting TV writers. This one was specifically about the shows that inspired writers to be writers. The panel was moderated by Mark A. Altman (The […]