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M.A.X. Yearbook #nn (Marvel, 1993) CGC NM/MT 9.8 White pages
The Marvel Avengers/X-Men (MAX) Yearbook from 1993 was intended to celebrate 30 years of the X-Men and Avengers with 32 pages of pin-up artwork of both X-Men and Avengers with no advertisements It includes work by Andy Kubert, Joe Quesada, SJB Jones, Bob Dvorak, Steve Epting, Tom Palmer, Matthew Ryan, Bob Larkin, Lou Harrison, Mark[...]
Steve Ditko's 1945 School Yearbook Up For Auction
Declining to give interviews, he became for many a mysterious individual, preferring to let his comics work say everything. Steve Ditko's 1945 School Yearbook listing Which is why things like his Johnstown High School yearbook have become collectors' items for some A previous copy sold in 2012 for $1,195 And another is up for auction from Heritage[...]