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Official: DC Publish Sequel To Shazam! Called Shazam! Thundercrack
Written and drawn by Yehudi Mercado, Shazam! Thundercrack will tell the story of Billy Batson, modelled on Levi, as he experiences trouble in school and is forced to become the new quarterback for the Fawcett Tigers This is a DC comic book debut for Mercado, who has previously worked on a series of creator-owned graphic novels,[...]
Yehudi Mercado is a comic creator on the likes of Adventure Time, Buffalo Speedway, The Amazing World of Gumball, Rocket Salvage, Pantalones, TX: Don't Chicken Out, Uncle Grandpa, and more. He has now done a deal for two graphic novels with Ben Rosenthal at HarperCollins/Tegen, Chunky and an untitled sequel The middle-grade graphic memoirs will be about Yehudi[...]
Preview The Wacky Stories In The Amazing World Of Gumball 2015 Grab Bag #1
The result is 28 pages of fun and wacky mini-adventures, inside jokes, and interactive features that are sure to please any Gumball fan! The Amazing World of Gumball 2015 Grab Bag #1, combines a number of writers and artists work, including: Fellipe Martins & Fernanda Jaber, Nneka Myers, Zack Giallongo, Cohen Edenfield, Philip Murphy, Yehudi[...]
Sammie Reads: Boom's Rocket Salvage Is Gorgeous Enough To Decorate A Home
Let's do this! This week's review is going to be focusing on Rocket Salvage #3 (of 5) by author Yehudi Mercado and artist Bachan. The official solicitation from Boom! Studios reads: Primo Rocket used to be the fastest speeder-racer in the galaxy, but after a crash that sealed the fate of his space-station-city home, Rio Rojo, Primo has[...]
Things To Do On The West Coast In October If You Like Comics
This is a free event. Yehudi Mercado (Buffalo Speedway, Pantalones, TX) and Theresa Rojas (artist and doctorial candidate at Ohio State University) are guests of honor at the Latino Comics Expo in San Jose, October 11 – 12 The expo features an exhibition hall and ongoing panels both days This event is free. SPECIAL SIGNING: If you[...]
The Five Keys To Success In Indie Comics At Long Beach Comic Expo
However at a recent Long Beach Comic Expo, indie creators in the audience were told that they 100% had the ability to create their own comic. Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon hosted the Indie Creators, Unite! A Guide to Self-Publishing panel and was joined by indie creators Yehudi Mercado (Pantalones, TX, Buffalo Speedway), Siike Donnelly[...]