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Peach Momoko's Scarlet Witch Will End Her Demon Days At Marvel
Yesterday, Peach Momoko and Zack Davisson debuted their version of the Scarlet Witch, at the end of the Demon Wars: Down In Flames reworking of the Marvel Universe in Momoko's image. Now, Marvel has announced that this Scarlet Witch will get a new comic book of her own, Demon Days: Scarlet Sin, to be published by[...]
Mark Buckingham Redraws Miracleman Apocrypha For Miracleman #0
True Miracleman Romances, Miracle Tales: The Marvel Of Science, Black Johnny Stories have become Kimota's Miracle: The Man Whose Dreams Were Miracles: The Marvels Of The Metaverse, New Millenia Magazine and Miracle Funnies, which suit the new stories chosen to fill this comic. Sadly, because they chopped the original first line of this sequence, the final[...]
Multiverse Role Playing
Hunter Cox, Nathan Crowder, Zack Davisson, Erik Scott de Bie, Tim Deschaines, Brian Dillingham, Tim Dillon, Sean Edgar, Robert Emerson, Sydney Engelstein, Heather Fisher, Helen Forbeck, Ken Forbeck, Marty Forbeck, Nick Forbeck, Pat Forbeck, Eric Gerson, Jessica Geyer, Jason Gonding, Craig Groff-Folsom, Chris Hazard, Thad Heltemes, Jody Houser, Jim Hudson, Robert Ingram, Rosemary Jones, Collin[...]