Adult Swim Goes Kid-Friendly For April Fool's Day & We Want More

If you're like us, you were suffering from insomnia last night and forgetting that it was about to turn April Fool's Day at midnight. So you don't have to imagine the shock to our system when we saw Adult Swim premiere its new upcoming programming block… Adult Swim Jr.! That's right, a kid-friendly version of the late-night comedy-animation block you've grown to know and love- and now? They're looking to get to the hearts and minds of the masses at an even younger age. Or as the motto goes, "from cradle to grave, from diaper to diaper."

adult swim
Image: Screencaps

Adult Swim kicked off the new preview block of programs with an overview/trailer for what the new programming initiative had to offer- family-friendly takes on everything from Aqua Teen Hunger Force to Metalocalypse and everything in-between:

Following that, we had a kid-voiced episode of Rick and Morty– in this case, "Season 2, Episode 8 "Total Rickall" (and yes, the scene between Jerry and Sleepy Gary voiced by kids was disturbing). Here's a look at the opening to Rick and Morty Babies– with Aqua Teen Hunger Force also getting "junior-ized":

But it didn't just end there- we also had bumpers and teasers to match the new programming block's theme- like this segment about the T-Rex:

And then there's a look at an upcoming episode of Space Kid: Crib to Crib:

Next up, we had a look at the type of humor viewers can expect with… The Greatest Knock-Knock Joke Ever!

And just because the initial trailer wasn't big enough, more previews of what's to come:

But it won't avoid tackling controversial topics that kids care about- like The Illuminati:

And then make sure to make an appointment at Children's Hospital– with children as the doctors:

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