AEW Dynamite 8/11/20 Report Part 2: Spike Piledriving Ricky Morton

The second of four parts of Bleeding Cool's Wednesday Night wrestling coverage starts now! If you haven't read part one yet, scroll down to the bottom for the table of contents. Now, let's get to the second hour of AEW Dynamite!

AEW Dynamite 8/11/20 Report Part 2: Spike Piledriving Ricky Morton (Image: AEW)
AEW Dynamite 8/11/20 Report Part 2: Spike Piledriving Ricky Morton (Image: AEW)

AEW Dynamite Report for August 11th, 2020 Part 2

When we came to the end of part one of this report, Jurassic Express was making their way to the ring to take on Hangman Page and Kenny Omega. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus are wrestling. Marko Stunt is at ringside. JR and Tony promote Being the Elite during Page and Omega's entrance.

Jurassic Express vs. Hangman Page and Kenny Omega – AEW World Championship Match

  • Jungle Boy and Kenny Omega start off the match, and Omega tries to intimidate Jungle Boy right away, refusing to break at the ropes. Marko immediately tries to get involved.
  • Kenny is heeling it up a bit in this match.
  • Jungle Boy takes an ass whooping from Omega and Page before the first commercial break.
  • Jungle Boy also takes an ass whooping from Omega and Page during the commercial break in picture-in-picture.
  • He gets the hot tag right before Dynamite comes back from break. Luchasaurus cleans house.
  • If Mike Chioda was out here, he'd make one of Omega or Page get out of the damn ring.
  • Eventually, the hot tag fizzles out and Luchasaurus starts taking an ass-whooping.
  • In one cool spot, Omega hits a snapdragon on Marko Stunt at Ringside. Then he catches Jungle Boy in a dive and snapdragons him too.
  • In another cool spot, Page powerbombs Jungle Boy over the top rope onto Luchasaurus on the outside.
  • If you haven't noticed, most of the offense in this match belongs to PAge and Omega. Jurassic Express get little flurries, but that's it.
  • Page and Omega win with the Last Call on Jungle Boy.

Page and Omega, but Omega, in particular, were wrestling heel tonight. This was another really solid match, the third one in a row tonight. Santana and Ortiz are in the locker room with Best Friends' bags. They dump their gear out in the shower and dump bleach on it. Also, they sold the tires from Trent's mom's van. Dynamite goes to commercials.

Dynamite Tag Team Appreciation Night

The Butcher and The Blade choose the Road Warriors as their favorite tag team. Then The Young Bucks and FTR are in the ring with Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and the Rock 'N' Roll Express. Matt Jackson puts over the Rock 'N' Roll Express as inspirations for the Bucks. He thanks them for everything they've done for the business. Dax Harwood grabs the mic and tells RNRX, Tully, and Arn that it's because of them they get to make a living in the best sport in the world.

Ricky Morton says he never misses AEW Dynamite. He says he hasn't seen so much talent and chemistry since Arn and Tully in FTR. Then he puts over The Young Bucks as his successors. Arn grabs the mic. He says he's not a guy that blows smoke, but he does tell the truth. He puts over the Bucks as changing tag team wrestling. He puts over the longevity of Morton and Robert Gibson, calling them the tag team of the century (this one, or last one? both?). But Arn says FTR is the best team in the world.

Morton wants to talk again, but Blanchard takes the mic. He tells Morton not to start something he can't finish. He says Tom Brady is the greatest championship because he has championship rings. These guys can talk about being the best all they want, but they're not the champions. He's fed up with all the back-patting going on tonight. He turns to Arn. He's had beef with him since last year at All Out when Anderson interfered in Shawn Spears vs. Cody Rhodes.

Shawn Spears comes out to the stage. Arn reads the room and heads to the back. Tully starts to talk more trash and Ricky Morton pops him in the face. A small hullaballoo ensues and Dax Harwood sells his knee injury. The Bucks gently force Tully and Spears backstage. While they're on the ramp, FTR attacks Morton and Gibson. They hit the spike piledriver on Morton. Page and Omega run out to the ring as the Bucks tend to the Rock 'N' Roll Express.

Alex Marvez talks to Mike Chioda backstage. He congratulates him on his AEW debut. Chris Jericho shows up. He brings up saving Chioda's job 18 years ago and says he wants Chioda to referee his match with Orange Cassidy tonight. He suggests Chioda should "do the right thing." Chioda says he'll call it down the middle. Jericho says Chioda should do the right thing and Jericho will get him a job in AEW.

Sammy Guevarra comes out to the stage for his sign gag as Dynamite takes a commercial break. "Hey, Matt! What's wrong? Can't get me… out of your head? Oh well. You need to relax. Enjoy your night off. Too bad though… you left your… thrown! (pun intended) Typical Matt. Learning hard way!!"

Hikaru Shida vs. Heather Monroe

AEW Women's World Champion Hikaru Shida heads to the ring. Her opponent, Heather Monroe, is already in the ring. She's making her AEW debut.

  • Obviously, this is a gonna be a squash match.
  • Munroe attacks right after the bell and gets in a generous of offense.
  • Tony shills AEW Heels during the match.
  • Shida wins with the Full Metal Muffler.
  • Tony interviews her after the match about defending the championship. She says bring it on.

Jake the Snake Roberts cuts a promo in the locker room backstage while Lance Archer beats the shit out of jobbers. It's entertaining, but no one gets their head shoved through a ceiling, so not quite as good as last time. In an odd twist, Archer takes off Jake's shirt to reveal Jake has "Everybody dies" written on his back. Okay then.

Commentary promotes AEW's YouTube Shows, including last year's All Out, which will be apparently be serialized on YouTube starting next Wednesday. Then they explain that Dynamite will be on at 6 PM on Saturday next week because of the NBA. FTR will fight Private Party. Page and Omega will fight Dark Order. The final of the Deadly Draw will take place on Dynamite. Lucha Bros and the Butcher and the Blade will take on the Natural Nightmares and Jurassic Express. And Cody will defend his title against Brodie Lee.

We see a short video package for Jericho vs. Cassidy. Then Cassidy saunters to the ring, and Dynamite goes to commercials.

Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho comes to the ring with Floyd. Best Friends and the Inner Circle are banned from ringside for this match, so it should be a clean fight. Here are the bullet points.

  • Mike Chioda is the ref. There's no way he's cheating tonight. Unless he is.
  • Cassidy isn't playing around tonight. He goes right after Jericho from the start. No hands in pockets.
  • The early part of the match is all Cassidy.
  • But Jericho takes control when he blocks a Superman punch with a kick.
  • Dynamite takes a commercial break after that, throughout which Jericho beats the crap out of Cassidy.
  • The secret hashtag is #CJOC2
  • Jericho controls for a while longer until Cassidy does a spot where he really weakly hits Jericho with punches. When Jericho tries to punch him back, Cassidy fires up and starts hitting real offense.
  • Cassidy leaps right into a Walls of Jericho, but he manages to escape into a rollup.
  • Cassidy goes after Jericho's left knee with an ankle lock. Taz explains the ankle lock also tweaks the knee.
  • Cassidy kicks out of a Codebreaker.
  • After the kickout, JR praises Mike Chioda's pin counting. He says Chioda makes sure he can see both shoulders when making a pin. This is a thinly veiled shot at the other refs, of course.
  • Jericho grabs Floyd the bat. Chioda tries to stop him. Jericho tells Chioda it's time to do the right thing. He tells Chioda to turn around while he hits Cassidy. Chioda does, but then changes his mind and takes the bat.
  • Santana and Ortiz and Best Friends brawl out onto the stage. This distracts Chioda while Jake Hager runs in and takes down Cassidy.
  • But when Jericho covers Cassidy, he kicks out!
  • Jericho hits a low blow on Cassidy, but before he can capitalize, Cassidy rolls him up in a mouse trap and gets the pinfall.
  • Cassidy rolls outside to the floor and sells the "yam bag" shot, as Taz calls it.

Interesting ending. I suppose you could make the argument if you're a dude and you've taken a shot to the balls before, there is a slight delay before the pain kicks in. But nobody explained that. Does AEW assume Dynamite's entire audience are men who have been kicked in the balls? Is that the demo Jericho is the god of? That would make sense, actually.

This was a good episode of Dynamite. As usual, the show flowed quickly and the wrestling was awesome. Chioda's debut was nice, it was good to see the Women's Champ wrestle, and the new TNT belt looks good. The Rock 'N' Roll Express segment was great, especially seeing Morton take that spike piledriver like a champ.

It will be interesting to watch Dynamite on a Saturday next week. Just one wrestling show to watch next Wednesday? What will I do with all that free time?! For now, though, it's time to recap NXT, so click down below as we're only, oh god, halfway done tonight.



This post is part of a multi-part series: Wednesday Night Wars Wrestling Recaps for August 11th, 2020.

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