AJ Styles Calls Out Dirt Sheet on Fake Contract News

If you're going to run a pro-wrestling dirt sheet, its best to have your facts straight, especially with wrestlers who actually read them like AJ Styles. Yesterday, Wrestling News World claimed that Styles and the WWE had come to terms on a new contract, something that's been talked about since October when the rumor got out that Styles wanted to stay with WWE but was looking for a lighter schedule much like John Cena currently has. They posted the news on social media, however, Styles himself had something to say on the matter.

Now let's be honest, there's a lot of stories that get reported in the dirt sheets that turn out to be fake or only part of a story that isn't 100% true. I mean, I could venture a guess and tell you Styles' contract was coming up based on when he signed and debuted with the company. But without a copy of the contract in hand or a more official source confirming the news with cited sources, I don't know any better than you do. Most wrestlers don't even comment on stories like this unless they want to mess with people, or they're bordering on harassment or worse. So to see Styles comment on it when he usually doesn't respond to dirt sheets, you know he's probably telling the truth because he's got nothing to hide. But WNW is doubling down on the story.

We'll see how it pans out. Most likely, yes, AJ Styles will probably resign with WWE, since the performance style is lighter than others and the company primarily sticks to North America except for yearly scheduled tours and special dates. Especially if he gets a lighter schedule, it will be a far better deal than anywhere else he could get. But until he actually signs, it's all speculation.

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