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Angelina Skips El Paso Trip on MTV's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

The two-episode El Paso trip that kicked off on MTV's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation this week will force fans to wait at least another two weeks for the tensions between Angelina and the rest of the cast to explode. Angelina decided not to join the roommates in El Paso on this week's episode, staying behind to visit her plastic surgeon instead. As a result, the show was left to focus on Mike's binge-eating and Snooki's line-dancing for most of the entertainment this episode.

Angelina Skips El Paso Trip on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
Snooki remains the best line-dancer in the Jersey Shore cast (Jersey Shore: Family Vacation screencap)

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, and I can forgive a little bit of filler this season because Jersey Shore: Family Vacation has been much better since the cast was allowed back into public for the first time since the start of the pandemic. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 5 Episode 16 "El Paso Pt. 1" saw the original roommates, sans Angelina and without spouses, hop on a private jet and fly to El Paso, Texas to meet up with Pauly D, who was in town for a DJ gig. Angelina stayed behind due to feuding with the girls over wedding speech drama dredged up by her estranged husband, Chris, and escalated by The Situation. Instead, Angelina visited her plastic surgeon to talk about her high blood pressure and to be scolded for picking her nose while still recovering from a nose job.

Meanwhile, in Texas, the cast went to a local bar for a night of line dancing as Mike did his best to stir up drama over the information he received from Chris, which also included news of Angelina's marital infidelity. Mike and the cast presented his pot-stirring as a conflict between the old Sitch and new Sitch, which is ironic because if anything about Mike's current behavior mirrors the drug-addicted, conniving Situation of the original Jersey Shore seasons, it's his relationship with food, which leads to both overindulgence and now lying.

Hearing that El Paso is a good place to get Tacos, Mike went in search of food while the cast was busy line-dancing, finding a taco truck outside. After downing at least three tacos in secret, he then convinced the people in the truck to pretend he hadn't been there before, went back inside, found his castmates, and brought them back out for a second round of tacos while loudly proclaiming he had never been to the taco truck before. Before he was even finished with his second round, he noted that, since this was his first time there, he could probably handle another round. Haw haw haw haw!

Unless Angelina has a change of heart and decides to fly to El Paso, next week's episode of Jersey Shore:FamilyVacation will feature little more than the cast partying at Pauly's D gig, and the infamous wine-throwing scene teased in commercials won't occur until at least the episode after. But that's okay, comrades, because I've been thoroughly enjoying this half-season of Jersey Shore, which has seen the cast acting more naturally in front of the cameras, possibly a consequence of not being forced to manufacture drama while isolated in a hotel to avoid catching the coronavirus. Until next time, amigos: socialism or death!

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