"Animal Kingdom" Season 5 Production Underway, The Codys Take Viewers Behind the Scenes [VIDEO]

Good news, fans of crime, adventure, and incredibly attractive men on surfboards! The Cody boys are back for a fifth season of TNT's now-Smurf-free heist thriller drama Animal Kingdom – and we're getting a first-look at production in a recent social media post:

I know it's only an Instagram video, but they gave us a peek at what to look forward to when we get the full season this summer.

Clearly, praying to Jax Teller (our patron saint of outlaw muscled men with a slightly askew moral compass) has yielded results – because while it may only be a quick preview, it packs a punch.

So, let's go through it then, shall we?

Interspersed in with the clips are behind the scenes bits with the guys from their first days back on set.

But the clips are where it really gets interesting. One of the first things we see is a very retro car – looks like a Pinto maybe (feel free to chime in if anyone knows late 70's cars) – and the color is like a flame-kissed, yellow red-ish, or fire explosion. Retro motel car bomb, anyone? This can really only mean that we continue on with our "Smurf origin story" storyline this season as well.

We knew that with the casting of Rigo Sanchez, who is the younger version of Manny – the "leader" of Smurf's groovy first crew.

So, that covers the Smurf and retro related storylines – but what about the children?

Slow your roll there, Nancy Grace, the Cody boys are…well, not fine, but they're alive. For now.

And we all hope they stay that way for quite a long time. Well, except maybe Pope – but he's reckless and has a death wish anyway. But still, it's not like those boys need any more heartbreak.

Noticeably absent was Angela (Emily Deschanel), Julia's former BFF and drug buddy who waltzed back into the Codys' lives last season with an agenda of her own. Not that I don't love Emily, but if Angela isn't in this season (or much of it), I may just throw a massive party in celebration. Yes, there will be tacos and booze and pool shenanigans – but, easy on the drugs, eh kids?

● Will J conquer Smurf's kingdom this season?

● Will Deran ever get over sweet sweet Adrian?

● How will Craig and Ren be as parents?

● Will Pope come completely unhinged?

Animal Kingdom

Find out this summer when Animal Kingdom returns to TNT!

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