Arrow Season 7, Episode 2 Recap: The Longbow Hunters

Arrow was all about teamwork this week, as Oliver and his new prison friend Stanley had to work extra hard to take down a prison guard, and outside the cells Team Arrow is trying really super hard to take down Diaz. The series however seems to prefer one of those stories more than the others however, as the liver in prison stuff is way more interesting and fleshed out than Team Arrow.

Arrow The Longbow Hunters Still 4

Beginning with inmate 4587, Oliver now has to operate as Green Arrow from inside prison to protect Felicity and William, and it is growing increasingly hard for him to get his hands dirty. He is given a shiv and told he has to eliminate the jerky guard York for Brick in exchange for info about himself. After a clever use of a pencil and the fastest loading computer of all-time, he resigns himself to the fact that to avoid killing York he will have to ruin his life instead. Provoking him, Oliver stabs himself with the shiv, making it look like York did it to get him out of the picture. Hey, Brick looked happy so I guess that works. One wonders how long Oliver can avoid the inevitable and have to take a life to save his own or his family's.

On Team Arrow side is where the show needs to find its footing fast. The introduction of The Longbow Hunters was actually pretty cool. Red Dart, Kodiak, and Silencer all make for formidable foes for everyone, and each had their time to shine. Silencer especially, as she has a cool fight with Laurel and Dinah. Two sonic screams send her away, but she is going to be a thorn in their side for awhile.

Arrow The Longbow Hunters Still 2

Diggle and Felicity spend the episode at odds with Diggle trying to do things the right way with ARGUS and Felicity just kind of shrugging her shoulders and saying "Nah". Felicity does things the old Team Arrow way the whole episode and it costs them at every turn. When invading The Longbow Hunters lair, she trips a failsafe that erases all data on their computers. When Diggle is fighting Diaz and the Hunters on a train, he has to choose his ARGUS mission or letting Diaz get away, and much to Felicity's chagrin, he chooses the former. In the end, she walks away from ARGUS to partner up with Agent Watson at the FBI to remain focused on Diaz.

Other musings:

-In the flash-forwards, William reveals that his parents have "just left them" and Roy is trying really hard to ignore the past. After some prodding, Roy reveals that he knows why William was sent here, and they dig up his father's bow and arrows. Roy barks at William to grab them because they have to head to…Star City? So are we not staying on the island?

-William just casually drops in a reference to a boyfriend, wonder how that will be explored.

-I am sorry Arrow fans: I cannot take anything Laurel says or does seriously with that nose ring in.

-Stanley should not be trusted Oliver. I know he came up with that cool WWGAD catchphrase this week, but he's gonna turn on you. Hopefully you are ready for it.

-Felicity should have kept her undercover look.

Cody Rhodes looked less menacing this episode. The man has so much natural charisma, let him use it!

-What is the point of still having Rene and Curtis still around? There is barely enough story for everyone else on this show.

Arrow The Longbow Hunters Still 1

Here's hoping that they continue to reset the board over the next couple episodes and keep the momentum going.


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