BCTV Daily Dispatch 22 July 2021: Barry Returns! CM Punk Returns?

Trying to catch your heart… is like trying to catch a star. So many people love you, baby. That must be what you are. Waiting for a star to fall… and carry your heart into my arms. That's where you belong. In my BCTV Daily Dispatch, baby, yeah! With waves of love and respect to Boy Meet Girl "Waiting for a Sar to Fall" (check out the video at the end of the post), welcome to your Thursday edition of our daily rewind. You know how this goes- we bring you a daily dose of the best things happening across the television landscape as we take a look at what's been hitting your radar in the past 24 hours. Our newbies today include a mom who actually remembers the WWE Slambulance- and she doesn't like it, Marc Guggenheim wants a Green Lantern do-over, American Horror Stories drops a teaser for its Episode 3 cast line-up, Jared Padalecki responds to Supernatural love, and CM Punk's in-ring return confirmed. Meanwhile, our exclusive Barry production update holds the top spot. From there, we wrap up with "5 More Things"- a look at the five articles that almost made the cut but are still worth your time.

Barry/Heels (Images: HBO/Screencap)

Now here's a look at BCTV Daily Dispatch's Top 10/24 for Thursday, July 22, 2021:

10. WWE Slambulance-Gate: Pearl-Clutching Mom Says Toy Inspires Violence

9. Pam & Tommy: The Line Between Sebastian Stan, Tommy Lee Keeps Blurring

8. Guggenheim Wants Green Lantern to "Get Right" What 2011 Film Got Wrong

7. American Horror Stories E03 Cast Revealed: Lynch, Barbeau & More

6. Supernatural: Jared Padalecki Appreciates BDay Wish; Ackles "Soaring"

5. What We Do in the Shadows Season 3: Nadja's Armadillo Has Seen Things

4. Archer: The Band's Back Together in FXX's Official Season 12 Poster

3. Supernatural: Jensen Ackles Shared BDay Message for Jared Padalecki

2. CM Punk Wrestling Return Confirmed: New Name, Look & Manager (Image)

1. Barry Season 3 Begins Filming Monday; S03/S04 Filming Together: Report

Image: Shutterstock.com

Now here's a look at the five articles that nearly made the cut, in no particular order- ABC's Big Sky makes major casting news, Dave Bautista tag-teams with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Thomas Schnauz sufferers for his art and an AMC's Better Call Saul update, Amazon's The Wheel of Time starts turning on Season 2, and Hulu's The Orville gets a familiar face in front of the camera:

Big Sky Season 2 Casting News Proves Big Season 1 Finale Spoiler

Dave Bautista Praises Dr. Fauci, Shoots on Marjorie Taylor Greene

Better Call Saul Season 6 Prod Update & We Feel Thomas Schnauz's Pain

The Wheel of Time Posts Clapperboard Image Confirming Season 2 Start

The Orville: Since "Hell Froze Over", Guess Who Shows Up in Season 3?

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