BCTV Daily Dispatch 23 August 21: Orville & Star Trek Engage Jeopardy!

You put yourself in stupid places. Yes, I think you know it's true. Situations where it's easy to look down on you. I think you like to be the victim. I think you like to be in pain. I think you make yourself a victim. Almost every single day. You do what you do. You say what you say. You try to be everything to everyone. You know all the right people. You play all the right games. You always try to be everything to… the BCTV Daily Dispatch! With waves of love & respect to Everclear (check out the video at the end of the post), welcome back to your daily dose of the best things happening across the television landscape as we take a look at what's been hitting your radar in the past 24 hours. Here's a look at our Monday newbies: Dave Bautista takes on Mo Brooks, a double dose of The Umbrella Academy, The Wheel of Time showrunner Rafe Judkins answers five questions, Rick and Morty offer a season finale preview & a Scary Terry meat puppet, what helped influence CM Punk to join AEW, and The Orville and the Star Trek: The Next Generation universes come together. From there, we wrap up with "5 More Things"- articles that almost made the cut but are still worth the time.

The Orville/Star Trek: The Next Generation (Images: Hulu/ViacomCBS)

Now here's a look at BCTV Daily Dispatch's Top 10/24 for Monday, August 23, 2021:

10. Dave Bautista Trashes Mo Brooks for Empathizing with Terrorists

9. Is Mr. Mime Really Ash's Mom's Boyfriend in the Pokémon Anime?

8. Locke & Key: Darby Stanchfield Confirms Season 3 Has Wrapped Filming

7. Doctor Who Series 13 Overview Has The Doctor "Questioning Everything"

6. The Umbrella Academy: Elliot Page Shares Short & Sweet Season 3 Update

5. The Wheel of Time: Rafe Judkins Talks Bearded Mat, Forsaken & More

4. Rick and Morty Season 5 Finale Preview & DIY Scary Terry Meat Puppet

3. AEW's Handling of Brodie Lee's Death Influenced CM Punk's Return

2. The Umbrella Academy: Castañeda's John Cena Joke Went Over Our Heads

1. The Orville & Star Trek Unite! Seth MacFarlane's Message to Jeopardy!

doctor who
Image: Shutterstock.com

Now here's a look at the five articles that nearly made the cut, in no particular order- CM Punk talks AEW roster, CNN needs to do better, a cynic talks Ted Lasso, The Gifted gets a timeline explanation, and Stephen Amell reflects on the final seasons of Arrow:

CM Punk Puts Over the AEW Roster, Says Who He Wants to Work With

Breaking News, CNN: You're a News Channel, Not Live Nation (Editorial)

Ted Lasso is Wonderfully Terrible & Terribly Wonderful: A Cynic's Take

The Gifted: Matt Nix Discusses That Weird Timeline The Show Existed In

Greg Berlanti & "Green" Arrow Convinced Stephen Amell to Return

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