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Is Mr. Mime Really Ash's Mom's Boyfriend in the Pokémon Anime?

If you are a Pokémon fan that is somewhat internet savvy, you've probably heard the insane theory that Mr. Mime is the father of the iconic Pokémon trainer Ash. This is, of course, impossible and not just because Ash is a human and Mr. Mime is a Pokémon. Just compare their hairlines. Mr. Mime has some George Jefferson action going, while Ash, has a full head of hair, so much so that he has been passing as a pre-teen for almost a quarter century. However, there is a theory that is almost equally strange and, in honor of Mr. Mime's current feature in this weekend's Pokémon GO Ticketed Research, we're here to examine whether or not Mr. Mime is dating Ash's mom.

Mr. Mime and Ash's mom. Credit: Pokémon the Series
Mr. Mime and Ash's mom. Credit: Pokémon the Series

The Argument For Mimey & Mrs. Ketchum

  • Pet names. Ash's mom "adopted" the Mr. Mime that first debuted in It's Mr. Mime Time and has named it "Mimey." Mimey isn't the first Pokémon in the series to have a nickname and certainly not the first to live outside of a Pokéball, but he is the first to wear…
  • A damn Hawaiian shirt. There is perhaps no bigger "I'm sleeping with your mom" move to show up on vacation rocking a Hawaiian shirt. The audacity. While the shirt in and of itself isn't evidence enough…
  • This infamous screenshot might be. Perhaps the Hawaiian shirt emboldened Mimey on this one occasion, but that oversized hand does seem rather comfortable.

But… on the other hand.

The Argument Against Mimey & Mrs. Ketchum

  • Ash's mom once dreamed of being a Pokémon trainer. First of all, her name is Delia. She's more than just Ash's mom, and she spends her days running a successful business in Pallet Town. Perhaps a domestic Mr. Mime is the closest she can get to living that childhood dream of being a Pokémon trainer. Who are you to assume things just because of Mr. Mime's humanoid shape and that very convincing Hawaiian shirt argument?
  • Mr. Mime eats out of a bowl on the floor. Not to shame Delia and Mimey for any kinks they may or may not have, but there is a scene that shows the Pokémon eating from a dog bowl between Pikachu and Helioptile… like a pet. Or, like a regular Pokémon.


Come on. It's Pokémon and it's PURE, you weirdo! Mr. Mime is a Pokémon and Delia is his trainer, and no, they're not doing anything suggested in this hilarious theory.

Next up… Is MissingNo. really Brock's mother?

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