Being The Elite Goes on Hiatus Amidst AEW's CM Punk Drama

Being The Elite will do what The Chadster wishes AEW in general would do: stop producing new episodes until further notice. The popular web show that served as a precursor to AEW itself, starring the company's EVPs, the titular Elite, and their friends in the company, announced the hiatus on Twitter.

Though no reason was given, the hiatus happens as most of the cast is suspended following a backstage brawl with CM Punk and his ride-or-die best friend Ace Steel, who reportedly bit Kenny Omega during the altercation. Everyone involved in the fight, including those trying to break it up, have reportedly been suspended from AEW pending a full investigation into what happened. Unfortunately, rather than shut down AEW during the time period, which would be the respectful thing to do in this situation, Tony Khan just couldn't drop his personal vendetta against The Chadster and booked an episode of AEW Dynamite pushing other stars and serving as a was to cleanse a lot of the bad juju after having to strip the titles of both the AEW World Champion, CM Punk, and the World Trios Champions, The Elite.

The logo for Being The Elite [title screen screencap]
The logo for Being The Elite [title screen screencap]
The catalyst for all of this was a series of remarks by Punk at the post-show press conference for the All Out PPV, where Punk won the championship from Jon Moxley and then witnessed the return of his next opponent, MJF. During the media scrum, Punk repeatedly laid into The Elite, his former friend Colt Cabana, Target managers, and especially Hangman Adam Page over his belief that the group was spreading rumors about him and Cabana. While Punk gratuitously devoured some muffins from local bakery Mindy's, he repeatedly belittled AEW owner Tony Khan, cutting him off and acting like it was Punk, not Khan, who controlled AEW.

Punk's actions were the greatest gift The Chadster has ever been given. Not only did he irreparably damage the reputation of AEW, a company that has tormented The Chadster by causing him to be sexually impotent since its inception in 2019, but he also caused Tony Khan to feel as impotent as The Chadster literally is. The Chadster was so grateful about all this that he woke up early this morning to drive his Mazda Miata from The Chadster's home in Punxatawney to Chicago, which is an eight-hour drive, just to buy some muffins from Mindy's. But when The Chadster arrived, he realized that he had forgotten Mindy's is not open on Mondays, even though CM Punk warned The Chadster. Auughh man! So unfair!

And Punk's outburst is the gift that keeps on giving because now it has caused the hiatus of an AEW-adjacent YouTube show, Being The Elite, which published it's for-now final episode last Monday. Maybe it will spread to take down Sammy Guevara's blog next, and then Chris Jericho's podcast, and then AEW Rampage, and finally, AEW Dynamite, securing the ultimate victory for The Chadster's beloved WWE in the wrestling wars, and that's the bottom line 'cause Chad said so!

The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So graphic, made by me, The Chadster. Graphic design is my passion.
The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So graphic, made by me, The Chadster. Graphic design is The Chadster's passion.

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